Aerial view of a beach in Punta Cana

The Best Tourist Destinations in the Caribbean


The Best Tourist Destinations in the Caribbean

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The Caribbean is a dreamy destination that holds countless surprises for those who visit it. It’s important to be familiar with the best tourist destinations in the Caribbean so you can choose what to visit on your next trip in order to make the most of it. 

As you can imagine, the Caribbean has positioned itself as one of the best destinations in the world to travel to either as a family, with your significant other or with friends, since the variety of tourist attractions make it a unique destination.

When we talk about the Caribbean, we’re referring to the Caribbean Sea, the group of islands that make it up and the coasts that are bathed by said sea. That’s why the Dominican Republic is considered part of the Caribbean and, in fact, has some of the best beaches you can find here.

The best beaches and the best plans in Punta Cana

Sunset view of a beach in the Dominican Republic

If you decide to spend your holidays in the Caribbean, you should know that you’ll probably find the best beaches in Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic. 

We’re talking about endless beaches, with white sand and completely crystal clear waters. Specifically, you’ll find the most beautiful spots in the Bávaro region.

Playa Bávaro is considered one of the best beaches in the world according to UNESCO. Those who visit it can swim in turquoise waters and discover its unique coral reefs full of colours and underwater life, or go for a walk through its tropical forests. 

It is the best destination to visit with family or as a couple, since this destination in particular, and the Dominican Republic in general, has become famous for being the favourite destination among those in search of wonderful beaches and amenities thanks to its all-inclusive resorts. Staying at any of its incredible hotels means having access to first class services, impressive beaches, relaxation and comfort. 

But if you love shopping and good food, we recommend visiting Cortecito Beach. There you’ll find dozens of souvenir shops and restaurants with the best of the local gastronomic scene.

Punta Cana in general is also one of the best destinations in the Caribbean due to the wide variety of leisure and outdoor activities it offers. For example, if you love water sports such as snorkelling or diving, in Punta Cana you’ll find endless natural enclaves for enjoying these activities.

Another essential experience that you can do during your trip to Punta Cana is to visit the nearby islands, such as Saona Island or Catalina Island. But if you don’t feel like making the journey by sea, you can also visit cities like La Romana or Santo Domingo, two historic cities in the country whose cultural wealth is unparalleled.  

We can’t talk about Punta Cana without mentioning its great nightlife, which makes it the ideal destination for groups of friends looking for a fun holiday. At the exclusive resorts in Punta Cana, you can shopping, enjoy all kinds of shows or have a cocktail at a charming pub. You can also find other recreational areas such as water parks, shopping centres, bowling alleys, nightclubs and play areas specially designed for kids.

If you’re wondering when is the best time of year to travel to Punta Cana… it’s all year round! That’s because the weather in Punta Cana is warm and very mild in any month. However, May to August is the time when it is most likely to rain, while between November and December rain is more infrequent. 

Aruba, the Happy Island of the Caribbean

Flamingo on the beach in Aruba

Aruba is located in the south of the Caribbean Sea, off the coast of Venezuela, and is one of the Caribbean islands with a more marked European character, as its architecture is a true reflection of Dutch influence. In fact, the population, in addition to Dutch, speaks English, Spanish and their local language: Papiamento. 

This island has been dubbed the “Happy Island of the Caribbean” due to the friendly and welcoming nature of its people. In addition, with a warm climate all year round, close to 28 degrees Celsius, its inhabitants live a very happy and sociable life.

It is also called “the pink island” for its famous beach called Flamingo Beach; a beautiful place frequented by pink flamingos that mingle with beachgoers. However, access to this beach costs about 99 dollars per person and has a limited capacity of 30 people in order to protect these animals. 

Aruba is also a preferred destination for surfers, who come looking for spectacular waves up to three metres high. It’s also the ideal place to practice other water sports, such as snorkelling or diving in search of sunken ships.

Also noteworthy is Boca Catalina beach, which is ideal for making plans as a family, and Malmok Beach, where the little ones can snorkel. If your plan is to travel here as a couple, we recommend going to Rodger’s Beach, a true hidden gem in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, perfect for a romantic getaway.

Cultural wealth in Havana, Cuba

Pink car driving through Havana in Cuba

Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean Sea and one of the most authentic and exciting destinations you can imagine. Due its colonial past, the city centre is full of impressive monuments, from castles and cathedrals to museums. It is for this reason that its urban centre is considered one of the most culturally rich in the world. So much so that the historic centre of Old Havana is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with more than 900 historical monuments. 

In addition, the city has a rhythm to it unlike any other place you have been able to visit thanks to its lively cinema, comedy and music clubs and art galleries.

Exuma, the beach for swimming with pigs in The Bahamas


Pigs swimming on a beach in the Bahamas

You’ve probably already seen more than one photo on Instagram of a paradisiacal beach with tourists swimming with cute little pigs. This beach is called Cayo Big Majo, in the district of Exuma, in The Bahamas. 

There are also other cultural attractions on this archipelago that you can’t miss, such as visiting Stoking Island, snorkelling in the impressive Thunderball Cave, visiting very picturesque fishing villages or exploring historical sites such as Rolle Town, Rolleville, Forbes Hill and Williams Town, where there are ruins of old cotton plantations and colonial tombs. 

What do you think of these Caribbean destinations? Which one will you visit next?

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