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Beaches of Macao and El Cortecito


Beaches of Macao and El Cortecito

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If the Dominican Republic is characterised by one thing, it’s the paradisiacal beaches. Hidden enclaves spread out across the country, with white sand and turquoise waters that delight everyone who visits them. And if you’re visiting this Caribbean country with friends, get ready to enjoy the sea breeze, lots of sunshine and the most surprising marine life. Today we’ll visit the beaches of Macao and El Cortecito, the two gems that can’t be missed on your trip to Punta Cana.

Playa de Macao

Nestled in the northern part of the Dominican Republic is Macao, the region to which its main beach owes its name. With a landscape featuring coconut palms, golden sand and a turquoise horizon, this Caribbean coast has all the necessary services to enjoy a day at the beach.

If it’s the first time you’re visiting Macao, don’t worry. It’s easy to access from the road, simply follow the signs for “Higüey – El Macao”.

Thanks to its location, Macao Beach is the perfect place to get started in or practice water sports such as surfing. You’ll be able to learn to ride the waves while enjoying a landscape as emblematic as the Caribbean Sea, surrounded by the dunes that have been formed by the wind, an unforgettable experience to enjoy with friends or family. 

If you’re an adrenaline junky but you prefer to enjoy Playa de Macao from the shore, don’t miss the opportunity to rent a 4×4. Crossing the dunes with this type of vehicle will allow you to experience nature first-hand while having an authentic adventure at full speed. In addition, you’ll also get to explore the inland part of this region, learn about the coffee production process, dive into cenotes with crystal clear water and swim in hidden natural pools.

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Playa del Cortecito 

Just half an hour from Playa de Macao is the coastal town of El Cortecito, a region located on the Costa del Coco, where we find its main beach. The fine white sand and crystal clear waters make it one of the most famous beaches in the entire Dominican Republic. 

Its proximity to Playa Bávaro and its location nestled in between a forest of coconut palms make it a mandatory stop in the northern part of the country. Although there are parts of the beach that have been made private, there are still many places where you can enjoy the peace and quiet of the Caribbean.

In addition to enjoying its wonderful beach, you can go into El Cortecito. In this town, you’ll find all the necessary services, and a festive atmosphere will surround you at all hours of the day. This small town offers alternatives for both groups looking for relaxation and for those who prefer to fill their days with adventure and fun.

In addition to learning about the local customs, you can try some of the local cuisine. Don’t miss the opportunity to try the catch of the day or the freshest seafood with incredible views of the beach.

Playa del Cortecito

On your way back from the beach, you can participate in numerous activities on the sand. Salsa classes, aerobics sessions or beach volleyball games await you, while at sea you can discover the spectacular Caribbean seabed or learn to ride the waves.

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Now that you know where the beaches of Macao and El Cortecito are located and everything they have to offer, all that’s left is to organise your trip.

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