3 Must-See Waterfalls for Your Trip to Punta Cana


3 Must-See Waterfalls for Your Trip to Punta Cana

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The endless beaches in Punta Cana make time stand still as you spend hours swimming in their turquoise waters, feeling the gentle breeze of the Caribbean Sea.

Although they aren’t the most well-known attractions on the island of Hispaniola, the entire inland area is home to hidden spots that are very different from the coast. Jungle landscapes whose plants and wildlife reveal tropical species that aren’t found anywhere else in the world. And one of the most significant elements of the Dominican biosphere are its waterfalls.

Trips to the best waterfalls in the Dominican Republic

In this article, we will provide a summary of the best waterfalls that are tucked away in the inland part of the island.

El Limón Waterfall

cascadas en punta cana

Better known as the “El Salto del Limón”, this waterfall is one of the most popular in the country thanks to the lush surrounding environment. Although its height doesn’t exceed 50 metres, this spot is very attractive for anyone who is eager to venture away from the cities.

This place is located on the Samaná peninsula and can be visited by private vehicle or with an organised trip from the hotel in Punta Cana where you’re staying. Once on the last leg of the trip, you can go by horseback to the top of the El Limón Waterfall, a heart-warming activity that can be done by any group.

Socoa Waterfall

Visiting this impressive waterfall also allows you to enjoy its unique natural pool, located in the middle of nature within the Los Haitises National Park. Much of its charm lies in the fact that the waterfall itself culminates in that small natural pool that is created naturally with streams, which adds to the experience of the rainforest atmosphere that surrounds the Socoa waterfall.

Salto Socoa en punta cana Fuente: visitarepublicadominicana.org

La Jalda Waterfall

This waterfall has a height of approximately 120 metres, the highest in the Caribbean. Interestingly enough, despite its popularity, it’s not very busy with tourists, which makes it even more authentic.


Source: Youtube Elvocerorural

Visiting the La Jalda Waterfall will take approximately one day from Punta Cana. For the round trip, you can opt for a hiking route that takes approximately 4-5 hours, or go by horseback on a journey that takes close to 2 hours. This journey is a great opportunity to see all of the different native species.

These waterfalls are just one example of how the inland part of the Dominican Republic is home to secret hideaways that are interesting to visit during your trip to Punta Cana. Without a doubt, it’s worth giving up at least one day on the endless white sandy beaches with turquoise water in Punta Cana to explore all of the island’s biodiversity.

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