Guide for Enjoying Coffee in Punta Cana


Guide for Enjoying Coffee in Punta Cana

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Coffee is a fundamental part of the culture and economy in the Dominican Republic. Just like with rum, coffee is one of the national drinks par excellence and we highly recommend doing a tasting during your visit to Punta Cana.

All Dominicans appreciate the taste of a good cup of coffee from their land, and they are able to convey this passion to tourists thanks to the current rebirth of coffee production and specialisation in the country.

In this article, we will learn more about the tradition and production of Dominican coffee, as well as how different growing areas mark the differences between the different types of coffee produced on the island.

Coffee in Punta Cana

Origin of coffee in Punta Cana

Everyone who wants to discover the country’s culinary culture should keep in mind that coffee is among the best drinks in Punta Cana. Its origins date back to 1735, when Barahona and other southern provinces in the Dominican Republic began to grow it. It quickly spread to other regions until its production became widespread.

The coffee bean that is mainly grown in the country belongs to the Arabic variety by 90%. It is grown in 28 of the 31 provinces on the island and each area gives the coffee it grows its own distinct personality, thanks to the type of soil, the weather, etc.

Types of coffee in Punta Cana

These are some of the most significant types of coffee in the Dominican Republic.

Coffee in Punta Cana

Cibao Altura

It’s defined as a medium-bodied coffee, with slight acidity and an aroma of walnuts and wild flowers. When infused, it is a true delight and is an explosion of flavours and colours, since its grain is a bluish-green colour and its flavour is a mixture of fruity and acidic.


The coffee grown in Neyba is characterised by its pronounced touch of citrus fruits. Medium-bodied, its acidity is sweet and mild. It is a great coffee to try if your trip to Punta Cana coincides with the end of its harvest period, which takes place between November and February.


Barahona, the first region where coffee harvesting began on the island, is still famous for the quality of its coffee. It has Producer Associations that promote high-quality coffee, resulting in a variety of coffee with a large grain that is bluish in colour and with an intense aroma and mild acidity. Its highly intense aroma is reminiscent of nuts and chocolate on the palate. A true delight that should be tried on its own at dawn or to finish off a great seafood lunch on the beach.

Coffee is one of the main national drinks that tourists like to enjoy after a meal of typical food from Punta Cana. These are just a few of the types of coffee that you can try at restaurants, or get on your way back from your trip if you’re interested in buying coffee as a souvenir from Punta Cana.

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