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The Best Natural Landscapes in the Dominican Republic


The Best Natural Landscapes in the Dominican Republic

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The Dominican Republic is nature in its purest form, which includes its incredible white sandy beaches and turquoise waters, but also the lush greenery that fills up the country.

If you want to discover the most incredible landscapes, here is a small summary of what you can see on your next holiday:

The Three Eyes National Park

This natural paradise is located only 8 kilometres from Santo Domingo. It was discovered in 1916, although only 40 years ago it was declared a protected area. 

Here you can find some underground caverns used by the Tainos, quite possibly for rituals. The park gets its name from three large freshwater lagoons found within these caverns. The lakes have a characteristic turquoise blue colour and an oval shape reminiscent of eyes. Hence, the area is called the Three Eyes National Park

Although these lakes are very tempting, you should know that swimming in them has been banned for many years to conserve the biodiversity that is found here. Keep this in mind because swimming in them can result in significant fines.

The best time to come to this park is at dawn, since this time of day lights up the caves in their entirety for just a few minutes. 

Cave of Wonders National Park

This park is located two hours and 15 minutes from Santo Domingo and is famous for the caves that were discovered there. The Cave of Wonders, which gives the park its name, is a real treasure. A natural gem that you shouldn’t miss if you want to get to know one of the best kept secrets of the Dominican Republic.

In this cave you will find an incredible architecture of stalactites and stalagmites in the so-called pictographic gallery. In this area, an artificial lake has been created in which the ceiling of the cave is reflected so that you can see these incredible geological formations in detail.

But if you find that surprising, you should know that the cave is also hiding another secret: a true Taino art gallery. The cave walls are decorated with paintings that recreate funeral rituals and other scenes from everyday life. It’s surprising to think that the Tainos made these paintings so many centuries ago and they have been preserved so well that we can still enjoy them today.

If you want to learn more about the Cave of Wonders, click here.

Del Este National Park

Natural beach on Saona Island in the Dominican Republic


This park is located in the La Romana region and is one of the most spectacular areas in the Dominican Republic. You may have heard of Saona Island, which is located within the Del Este National Park.

In this area there are more than 500 species of flowers and 300 species of birds, meaning it has an incredibly rich biodiversity.  

The famous Saona Island is a haven of peace for those who come here to enjoy it. And it is also a quiet place for many species who call it home, such as turtles. Did you know that there is a turtle sanctuary here? It is dedicated to taking care of the four endemic turtle species found here and preventing them from going extinct.

In addition, the Del Este National Park also has caves, such as those of Guaraguao, with prehistoric art inside. Wherever you look in this area, you’ll find a landscape that will be etched in your mind forever. 

Coral reefs

In the Dominican Republic there are incredible landscapes even under the water. If you decide to go snorkelling, you’ll see that just a few metres below the surface are endless colours and unimaginable marine life.

The waters in Punta Cana have one of the most important coral reefs. If you dare to dive in, you’ll be able to see and admire all of its beauty up close.

Did you know that coral reefs are home to 25% of the sea’s biodiversity? They are currently in danger due to human activities, as our actions are raising the temperature of the sea. Therefore, if you decide to go snorkelling, you must be very careful and follow the recommendations given by the instructors so that you can enjoy them while still being sure to protect them.

Playa Bávaro

Image of Playa Bávaro at sunset

One of the most beautiful landscapes in the Dominican Republic is Playa Bávaro. Its coconut trees and the contrast of the colour of the sand with the turquoise blue of the sea create an incredible memory of a holiday in paradise. 

A wonderful natural landscape, which becomes even more beautiful when the light breeze gently moves the leaves of the coconut trees.

No matter what area you decide to visit, the Dominican Republic contains landscapes that you’ll be pressed to be found in other parts of the world.

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