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Trip to Cabrera – 2021 Guide


Trip to Cabrera - 2021 Guide

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Cabrera, in the Dominican Republic, is a city located on the northeast coast of the country and one of the most beautiful places on the island of Hispaniola. Its incredible coastal vegetation has led to it being referred to as the “Green Coast” by those who have visited it in recent years.


Visiting Cabrera is a true delight for the senses. What’s more, it is easily accessible from anywhere in the country.

You can take a bus from Santo Domingo that, in just three hours, will drop you off in Cabrera. If you prefer another option, you can also get here faster by taxi, also departing from the Dominican capital, which takes just two and a half hours, or you can travel by car if you decide to rent one. No matter which option you choose, your trip across the island will allow you to admire the incredible landscapes and, once you start to feel that you’ve reached a truly unique place, you’ll have made it to Cabrera


If there is one thing Cabrera can boast of in the Dominican Republic is that it has spectacular landscape heritage, since you’ll find endless white sandy beaches, surprising caves and many more unique places that nature has created over the years in this enclave. Places that today can be enjoyed by its inhabitants and those who are lucky enough to visit the area. We’ve provided a list of some of the places and beaches in Cabrera that you simply cannot miss: 


If you have to choose one place to start off your visit to Cabrera that’ll give you a good idea of all the wonderful things it has to offer, it would be Dudú Lagoon. This impressive spot is located in a wooded park. They say that when you look at it, it appears to be two separate lakes but that they are actually connected to each other through underground tunnels, hence it’s really just one lake

This makes it the perfect place not only to go for a relaxing swim in freshwater, but also an important destination for diving enthusiasts who find it to be a unique spot thanks to these underwater tunnels that are perfect for exploring and enjoying a few days of diving like you’ve never experienced before.

This lagoon is also known in the area for its zip line, perfect for the more adventurous who are enticed by the idea of flying down the zip line from its highest point and diving into the water. Adventure and relaxation in the same lagoon! Dudú in Cabrera is one of the most incredible places worth visiting in the Dominican Republic. When you arrive, you’ll quickly see just how worthwhile the trip here really is.

Dudú Lagoon in Cabrera


In addition to the Dudú Lagoon, a few minutes away you can find the Blue Lagoon (“Laguna Azul” in Spanish), whose water gives it this name. It is a natural freshwater pool that’s so crystal clear that it’s easy to see the bottom and invites you to go for a refreshing swim. It’s the favourite among many Cabrera families due to how calm its waters are, allowing families with children to go for a relaxing swim without having to worry about waves.

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Another pool in Cabrera that deserves special mention is the Catalina natural pool. Here you’ll find three natural pools whose water comes directly from the mountains. Its location facing the Atlantic Ocean means that you can enjoy unique views while going for a refreshing swim in the lagoon. A plan that’s difficult to beat!


For those who love the most special of places, El Saltadero is an ideal space for those seeking adventure, which makes it one of the places often chosen by younger people. The El Saltadero river gets its name because it has an imposing waterfall that forms a lake that can only be accessed by stairs. It’s common to find locals here from Cabrera who enjoy doing the most incredible jumps and dives to the surprise of those who are visiting this place for the first time.


But not only can you find incredible natural pools, there are also beaches that invite you to go for long walks, lie out in the sun and enjoy a good swim, such as El Diamante beach, one of the most famous in Cabrera and in the Dominican Republic. Its shallow waters without any currents mean it’s very calm and the forest that surrounds it makes it the perfect place for disconnecting and enjoying the warm sun and the sea breeze. On this beach there is also the option to practice water sports such as snorkelling or enjoy food and drinks in the establishments that you can find here.

El Diamante Beach Catalina Island


Those travelling as a couple can’t leave Cabrera without visiting Caletón beach, which is known as the “beach for lovers”, since they say that the peace and quiet here make it the perfect spot for a romantic afternoon with the best scenery. The place is so perfect that it has become the destination chosen by many to say “I Do”, making this beach and Cabrera a place to remember and an important part of their relationship.


Another special destination in nature is the Cabo Francés Viejo Natural Monument, a coastal plateau where English and French troops once fought for control of the area and where three lighthouses were erected in their memory. This area was declared a natural monument and is one of the most photographed places in the region.

Now that you know what to see and do in Cabrera, it’ll come as no surprise that it is one of the most important destinations in the Caribbean in terms of its natural wealth. This makes it an ideal place to visit during your holidays in the Dominican Republic, where you can spend a few unique days.

Thanks to places like Cabrera, you’ll be able to quickly discover that the Dominican Republic has many more charming spots to visit in addition to its heavenly beaches, making it a true paradise on earth for all tastes and guaranteeing you’ll have an incredible holiday at any time of the year.

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