Things to do in Playa Bávaro - Dominican Republic

Outings in Playa Bávaro: Discover Its Natural Wonders


Outings in Playa Bávaro: Discover Its Natural Wonders

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A trip to the Dominican Republic is an opportunity to discover an incredible world of contrasts. Nature has gone to great lengths in this place to be able to offer us the most spectacular and varied landscapes with countless options when it comes to excursions, especially in Playa Bávaro. 

To make sure you get to discover many of these places on your next holiday, we are going to help you with a list of the ones you can’t miss. 

The first thing to do is choose a starting point, and our recommendation is that you book your hotel in Playa Bávaro, in Punta Cana, where you’ll find the best resorts that will complete your stay in paradise.

Playa Bávaro, one of the best beaches in the world according to the TripAdvisor Traveller’s Choice Awards 2022 – Dominican Republic


There are so many different activities that you can enjoy in Playa Bávaro and in Punta Cana in general.

Water activities in Playa Bávaro: snorkelling – Dominican Republic

The beach without leaving your hotel in Bávaro

When preparing your trip, you may be wondering what there is to do in Playa Bávaro. We can start with the fact that it’s one of the most famous and incredible beaches in the world where you’ll find the whitest sand and the clearest, turquoise waters that you could ever imagine. 

Once there, you can discover a fascinating underwater landscape. If you dare to go diving or snorkelling, you’ll find an incredible variety of fish, corals and the lavish marine life of the Caribbean just a few metres beneath the surface

For several years, great efforts have been made to preserve the natural wealth of the coral reef, since the high temperatures that these waters now reach and human action have led to it being increasingly damaged and in danger of being lost forever.

Exploring and experiencing it will make you even more aware of how important it is to collaborate in its conservation. 

Activities in Playa Bávaro: visit Saona Island – Dominican Republic

A visit to Saona Island

Located southeast of the Dominican Republic, about 56 kilometres from Punta Cana, the easiest way to get there is by speedboat or catamaran. Ask at your hotel about the tours that are available from Playa Bávaro that can take you to Saona Island, among other places. 

Once you set foot on the island, you can enjoy nature in its purest form and the most spectacular beaches you could ever imagine. 

From a turtle sanctuary to a small fishing village with charming colourful huts, there is so much to see on Saona Island. Did you know that in the Cotubanamá Natural Park there is a cave with the same name? It is one of the island’s treasures, where you can find samples of pre-Columbian rock art. 

Spending the whole day getting to know this island is one of the best plans that a tour from Playa Bávaro can offer you.

Cultural activities in Punta Cana: visit Santo Domingo – Dominican Republic

Tour of Santo Domingo and the Colonial City 

During your visit to the Dominican Republic, you can’t miss the opportunity to organise an outing from Playa Bávaro and Punta Cana to the country’s capital, Santo Domingo.

In the Colonial City, now declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you can discover and admire one of the first European settlements in America. The first cathedral in America, the first hospital and the first seat of the Spanish colonial government are just some of the key places that you shouldn’t miss. In its museums, you will also find samples of mediaeval and Renaissance art from the 16th century.

Outings from Playa Bávaro: Three Eyes National Park – Dominican Republic

Three Eyes National Park

During your visit to the capital, you can take the opportunity to explore this park.

It is a complex of caves and underground freshwater lagoons, which were inhabited by the Taino Indians, the first settlers of these lands. 

It is actually made up of three pools and it is believed that, as a result of an earthquake, the cave ceiling collapsed, creating the separate pools that are actually connected to each other. 

Yet another example of the force of nature and its spectacular formations.

Cultural activities in Punta Cana: Los Altos del Chavón amphitheatre - Dominican Republic

Los Altos de Chavón

Located on the Chavón River, the location of this town makes it a unique place. Called the City of Artists, it has an interesting School of Design that is affiliated with the best schools in New York, France and Japan. It is home to a cultural centre and an archaeological museum. Among its most interesting places, we must highlight its magnificent amphitheatre.

Beaches with turquoise waters in Punta Cana - Dominican Republic

Full day in Samaná

This is one of the most complete outings you can do and one of the most recommended options if you are deciding what to see in Playa Bávaro or Punta Cana

The Samaná peninsula is one of the places where you can get a broader vision of the country’s culture and customs, perhaps because it is one of the most authentic and untouched areas in the Dominican Republic. 

Whether by car, bus or boat, getting here is an adventure in itself, full of interesting things that will make your trip worthwhile as soon as it starts. 

You can visit the different beaches it offers, each one more spectacular than the last, such as the beautiful Portillo beach or Rincón beach, perhaps some of the best beaches in the world. 

If you have the opportunity, go to Cayo Levantado Island, equally incredible and which has served as the backdrop for the filming of commercials and video clips. 

Did you know that there is a whale sanctuary here? It is located in the Bay of Samaná. These animals come here every winter to mate, so depending on the time of year you may have the chance to see these giant mammals in an incredible spectacle of nature.

Activities in nature in Samaná: Salto del Limón Waterfall

If you head inland, you’ll find jungle, nature in its purest form and the chance to visit the beautiful Salto del Limón waterfall. You can also ride a horse along different trails that will show you the area’s wild nature and virgin beaches. 

Something you’ll always remember is the hospitality of its people, the rich gastronomy and its quiet and simple way of life. You’re sure to go back home with renewed energy!

As you can see, there are plenty of plans that will be the perfect way to complete the holidays of your dreams, using the incredible Playa Bávaro in Punta Cana as your starting point.

Book the best activities and outings and be sure not to miss a thing!


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