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The Most Beautiful Caribbean Islands


The Most Beautiful Caribbean Islands

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If there is one thing the Caribbean is known for, it’s for all of the idyllic spots that can be found here. Every inch is the perfect setting for a dreamy holiday. Located all throughout the beautiful Caribbean Sea are different islands that have incredible attractions, just waiting to be discovered by anyone who decides to go on a wonderful trip, falling in love with the islands that are bathed by this bucolic sea. 

When planning your holidays, it’s important to consider what each of the islands can offer us in order to organise our trip as best as possible and make the most of these days of relaxation in a part of the world that’s worthy of some of the most incredible films. Throughout this article, you’ll get to learn about what makes each of these locations the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean.

1.       Jamaica 

This island is known as the reggae capital, but Jamaica is much more than that. The island has an interesting gastronomic variety, the result of the influence of the many diverse cultures that have passed through these lands: African, British, Spanish and Asian. In addition to its exquisite cuisine, from this island you can admire one of the most special landscapes in America: the Blue and John Crow Mountains, a largely forested mountainous region that is located to the southeast of the island and that was the first refuge for the Taínos indigenous people who fled from the first colonisers and who, thanks to this rugged mountainous area, were able to live on the fringes of the European colonial system. Without a doubt, a different type of landscape from that which comes to mind when we think of the Caribbean.

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2.       Puerto Rico 

Puerto Rico is known as the “Island of Enchantment”, and it comes as no surprise. From its crystal-clear waters to the colourful buildings in its capital, San Juan, it is a place full of excitement that manages to enchant all those who get to enjoy the many wonders of this island. In addition, if there is something the city of San Juan has to offer, it’s amazing nightlife that can be enjoyed by night owls who come here to spend a pleasant evening as they’re carried away by the rhythm of an island that knows how to live it up at night.

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3.       Bahamas

The Bahamas is a country made up of more than seven hundred islands, of which 24 are inhabited. This means that many times the most common way of visiting the Bahamas is on a cruise that explores the archipelago, although there are those who choose to go on their own and have an adventure hopping from island to island. However, the main attraction of these islands is enjoying the sun and sea in places like Playa Rosa on Harbour Island, as well as its capital Nassau, which is also worth visiting. Throughout the city, it is possible to enjoy pink buildings, built in the most authentic colonial style, or to admire the landscape from viewpoints such as the Queen’s Staircase, from where you can take in one of the best-known views of the Caribbean.

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4.       Santa Lucía 

The island of Saint Lucia is one of the treasures of the Caribbean. It is usually visited by cruise ships as part of their itineraries, and it is famous for being a perfect place to enjoy a sunrise or sunset like you’ve never seen before. This island is full of natural attractions with exotic wildlife and lush vegetation, with highlights like the Pintos Mountains or the Pigeon Island National Park. On this island, the more adventurous will enjoy exploring every inch of what this paradise has to offer.

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5.      Hispaniola

Without a doubt, the gateway to the Caribbean for many is this island that tucks away what is for many a piece of paradise on earth. We’re talking about the Dominican Republic and, more specifically, Punta Cana. It’s here, in this privileged area to the east of the island, where we’ll find paradisiacal beaches with fine white sand. The most famous of them, Playa Bávaro, is considered one of the best beaches in the Caribbean and is undoubtedly the vacation spot chosen by many where you can spend incredible days in a unique environment that you won’t find anywhere else on earth. 

But Hispaniola is not only considered to be one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean for its beautiful beaches, but also has places rich in culture such as its capital, Santo Domingo. This city is steeped in history, as it was the first permanent European settlement in America and, therefore, the first seat of the Spanish colonial government on the continent. Strolling along its streets means enjoying unique attractions and monuments, such as the first cathedral and the first castle in America, in what is also called a Colonial City and has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

As if that weren’t enough, this island also offers the possibility of travelling to other nearby islands that are truly incredible, such as Catalina Island, another beautiful spot just minutes from Punta Cana where you can do activities such as snorkelling or diving.

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Hispaniola is recognised as one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean, and the best thing you can do is to decide to explore and discover every inch of this island in what will be an unforgettable experience.

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