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Guide to visiting Bayahibe


Guide to visiting Bayahibe

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The extensive length of the Dominican Republic’s coast allows you to choose between multiple options for enjoying a relaxing, pleasant holiday. Although all its beaches are characterised by their turquoise, crystal clear waters and fine white sand, each of them has its own characteristics that makes them unlike any other in the world.Within the wide range of possibilities that the Dominican Republic offers, we can highlight several options, such as Playa Bávaro, which stands out for its varied selection of activities, the calmness of its waters, and the convenience it offers in accessing luxury beachfront resorts, such as the Lopesán Costa Bávaro Resort, Spa & Casino. 

In addition to these types of options, the Dominican country offers less luxurious but equally as outstanding options, such as Bayahíbe. 

What is Bayahibe?

Bayahíbe is a picturesque Dominican fishing village, located in the south of the country, on the same coast as Punta Cana, gaining relevance in recent years for having become one of the go-to holiday tourism destinations par excellence. 

The reasons for this recent development are not insignificant: excellent beaches, on which a huge range of activities can be enjoyed, and places with great accommodations.  


What stands out about Bayahibe?

Located 16 kilometres from the city of La Romana, in the province of La Altagracia, the municipality has enough elements to be considered a prime destination for enjoying a few days of relaxation: coral reefs, fresh water springs, countless beaches…

But if there’s one thing that Bayahíbe stands out for, it’s for its beauty and atmosphere, which holds on to the essence of the Dominican people: the town is surrounded by abundant vegetation of palm trees, and the local fisherman live in charming wooden houses with striking colours. 

The climate in Bayahibe

Bayahíbe enjoys the same tropical climate as the rest of the island of Hispaniola, with temperatures ranging from 31 to 21 degrees Celsius throughout the year. Likewise, rain is also present for a good part of the year, with there being heavy rainfall in seven months, from May to November.

Activities to do in Bayahibe

In addition, Bayahíbe’s location is perfect for visiting two emblematic enclaves in the Dominican Republic: Saona Island and Catalina Island. From Bayahíbe, boat trips are organised with which you can explore the biological diversity of both places. Likewise, Bayahíbe is also in a great location for visiting the Los Haitises National Park, being the perfect starting point for accessing these islands. The town is also famous for fishing and diving.

Consequently, in Bayahibe you can enjoy delicacies such as fresh fish and participate in activities on the traditional boats: the catamarans. 

Also, in Bayahibe there are some activities you can do that can also be enjoyed in Punta Cana, such as water sports. So much so, that kitesurfing in this area is practically a religion, with an annual pilgrimage of thousands of amateur and professional surfers. Likewise, given the quality of its coral reefs, snorkelling is also highly recommended, so you can also enjoy animals such as the starfish, cuttlefish or stingrays. 

On the other hand, the beaches that make up the Bayahíbe coast are internationally recognised as blue flag beaches, which certifies and guarantees the high quality of the waters on these beaches, in addition to providing optimal safety and environmental measures for swimming. 

Bayahibe beach

Bayahibe beach is about two kilometres long, being divided into two areas: a public area and a private one.

The public area of the beach is visited mainly by locals during the weekends and holidays. This beach is very suitable for a fun family beach day, since its waters are very calm, in addition to being shallow, which makes them ideal for enjoying the water with kids. 

Boat on Bayahíbe Beach

So, which beach is better? Punta Cana or Bayahíbe?

Punta Cana vs. Bayahíbe

Without a doubt, one of the most important aspects when choosing your vacation destination is the price and selection of hotels. However, it’s also important to consider the possible plans and activities you can do during your stay. 

Although Bayahíbe offers a lot of activities, in Punta Cana you can do numerous activities of any type, with easy access to other areas of the country, with which you can complement your stay in Playa Bávaro. 

Which beach is better, Playa Bávaro or Bayahíbe?

Another of the many questions that may arise when planning your visit to the Dominican Republic is the choice of the beach where you’ll be relaxing and having fun. 

Both Playa Bávaro and Bayahíbe have beaches with fine white sand, turquoise waters and a vast tropical biodiversity.And, although Bayahíbe shares many similarities with Playa Bávaro, as a younger tourist area, in the first you won’t find as many facilities and activities as you will in the second. 

Nevertheless, Bayahíbe can be an excellent destination to visit from Playa Bávaro, to explore even more areas of the unique Dominican coastline. 

Trip to Bayahíbe from Punta Cana

If you finally opt for Punta Cana as your main vacation spot during your trip to the Dominican Republic, you can easily travel to Bayahíbe. The distance between both places is just 70 kilometres driving, meaning you can get there in less than an hour if travelling by car. In addition, there are also chartered buses from Punta Cana, although the journey takes longer and is less comfortable.   

To enjoy a great day during your visit to Bayahíbe, you’ll need to be equipped with some essential objects:

  • Sunscreen, since temperatures can get above 30 degrees Celsius.
  • Appropriate swimming clothes, to enjoy its calm waters.
  • Water.
  • Food.

In short, Bayahíbe is one of the must-see destinations during your visit to the Dominican country, given its location, which allows you to access several of the islands with relative ease, and due to its proximity to Playa Bávaro. 

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