Visit the Dudú lagoon, seen from the forest

Dudú Lagoon, the Best Natural Attraction


Dudú Lagoon, the Best Natural Attraction

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If there is one thing the Dominican Republic has, it’s incredible places that’ll make your holidays truly unique. One of these spots full of natural beauty is the Dudú lagoon. Take good note of all the reasons why you should not miss an outing to the Dudú lagoon on your next visit to paradise.

Where is the Dudú lagoon?

The Dudú lagoon is located in the northern part of the Dominican Republic, very close to the town of Cabrera.

To get to Cabrera, you can take a bus from Santo Domingo, the country’s capital. The journey is relatively short, since you can reach this town in just 3 hours. If you decide to rent a car or hire a taxi service, the trip will be 2 and a half hours, only 30 minutes less since the bus hardly makes any stops along the way.

Once you get to Cabrera, you can continue to the Dudú lagoon by car since it takes only 8 more minutes to travel the 7 and a half kilometres to reach your final destination. If you follow the indications, it’s important to keep in mind that the Dudú lagoon will often appear with the name of “laguna Dudú” or “lago Dudú”, but both names identify the same place.

If you travelled to Cabrera by bus, you should find a taxi in this town that will take you to the lagoon or you can book a tour in the area.

Once you have arrived, you’ll see that we were right all along: you’ve reached a spot that’s well worth a visit!

What to do at the Dudú lagoon

The Dudú lagoon is located in a natural setting of incomparable beauty, but it is the lagoon itself that will undoubtedly grab your attention the most. Once you’re here, you won’t be able to resist going for a nice swim in its crystal clear waters. In addition to being refreshing, this swim will be the perfect time to disconnect and breathe deeply as you take in your beautiful surroundings.

However, you should know that it won’t be just any other swim. Want to know why?

The Dudú lagoon is only one of the two that make up the so-called “El Dudú”, along with the lagoon known as “Pozo de los Caballos”, the smaller and shallower one. And this is the only place in the world where you can go from one lagoon to the other by diving. This is because the lagoons are very close to each other and are interconnected by several tunnels that are submerged, which makes them a true paradise for underwater caving. The sensation of passing from one lagoon to the other in its crystal clear waters is an opportunity that you cannot miss. If you have an underwater camera, this moment may be one of the most special to catch on film, through photos or video, allowing you to look back on this experience whenever you like.

And if you can see the lagoon from the inside, you can also see it from above since in Dudú there is a zipline that allows you to zip right into the water from a height of 10 metres, the icing on the cake for those who consider themselves to be adventurous, as part of an afternoon full of emotions.


View of the Dudú lagoon from the top


In addition to these lagoons, the area has several caves where you can admire different formations such as stalactites and stalagmites that have been formed by the continuous dripping of water over the centuries. It is common to go spelunking here, so if this type of activity is among your favourites, you’ve come to the right place to enjoy it like never before.

Stalactites in the Taino cave, near the Dudú lagoon

In one of these caves, the Taino cave, you can find remains of pre-Columbian paintings along more than 30 metres of its walls, which will allow you to learn more about the Dominican Republic’s past.

In addition, this space has a restaurant service where you can get something to eat or drink, as well as small shops where you can buy your Dudú souvenirs.

What to keep in mind before visiting the Dudú lagoon

Although the area appears to be an open space, it is not, and you should take note of its opening hours, which are usually from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm every day. To access this natural attraction, you have to buy a ticket that costs around RD$ 200 pesos, which gives you free access to enjoy all the fun things the lagoon has to offer.

And most importantly, don’t forget to bring your swimsuit, towels, water shoes and sunscreen to fully enjoy the Dudú lagoon and an incredible day in the Dominican Republic.

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