Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park, Punta Cana

Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park in Punta Cana


Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park in Punta Cana

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The Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park (Parque Ecológico Ojos Indígenas) is one of the Dominican nature reserves that you’ll truly enjoy exploring with your family. It is located on a private complex but is open to the public every day of the year with an admission fee. Inside, there are countless trails for hiking and a lush tropical forest that will provide you with a spectacular day immersed in its unspoilt nature. This spectacular landscape is home to up to twelve lagoons with crystal clear waters, which you can swim in for as long as you’d like. An incredible experience and an unforgettable memory!

How to get to Ojos Indígenas

This protected area covering more than 600 hectares is located in the Punta Cana area, so if you stay in places like Playa Bávaro, you’ll be just a few minutes away and can plan a day trip to Indigenous Eyes without wasting too much time getting here.

All you have to do is find a car with a driver or you can drive yourself the 22 kilometres, and in less than half an hour you’ll have reached your destination. Once you’ve arrived, you’ll immediately see the entrance to Ojos Indígenas. 

Day Trip to Ojos Indígenas

If you want to be in full contact with nature, there’s nothing like exploring the park along its trails. The path is three kilometres long and is relatively easy, meaning you can walk it with the whole family. During the journey, you’ll be accompanied by the birds and lizards that live in this habitat and you’ll learn even more about the plant life in this reserve, made up of more than 500 species of endemic plants. With every step you take, your jaw will drop as you take in the natural beauty of this unique place.

To finish off the outing, those who are more adventurous can dive into the crystal-clear waters of the lagoons. Over the years, these lagoons were called “eyes” by the Taíno “Indians”, pre-Columbian inhabitants of the island, thanks to their characteristic shape. They are currently what give the ecological reserve its name. In their honour, all the lakes are named after Taíno people, compiled by historian Frank Moya Pons, such as “Laguna Guama”, “Laguna Buren” or “Laguna Juey”.

These 12 lakes are a gift of nature, so it’s worth coming for a visit to explore them. Some have an intense turquoise colour and others are inhabited by animals such as shrimp, crabs or tilapia. 

Of these lakes, three are open to the public for swimming. Don’t miss this chance to fully enjoy them, or you can even jump off a platform to dive in. 

Entering one of the exhibits that describe the natural and cultural history of the Dominican Republic will put the finishing touch on a spectacular day.

Hiking Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park

Source: Do Dominican Republic


Most of the visits to this park are done with a guide. You will learn about the milestones of the Puntacana Ecological Foundation, whose work focuses on the conservation of native species in danger of extinction and what’s being done to reduce this risk. Their work has included the creation of a petting zoo, beekeeping projects and earthworm composting.


Your starting point for other day trips

The inland area of Hispaniola is particularly attractive. Thanks to its location far away from the coast, it offers unique experiences unlike any others in the world that very few people have the pleasure of doing. Hiking in Punta Cana, among other activities such as horseback riding, is one of the best ways to explore other places like the Dominican waterfalls and caves. Don’t miss the opportunity to combine any of these activities with a visit to the Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park.

The Salto del Río Limón has a wonderful waterfall that you’ll find at the end of an exciting walk among tropical trees in a cool and humid climate. It’s a short and accessible route for all ages, making it perfect for a day of family fun. If you’re looking for more of an adrenaline rush, the Cueva Fun Fun caves are a must-see during your holidays on the island. Although the caving expedition is more physically demanding, being taken to see the stalagmites, stalactites and small underground lagoons is truly worth the effort.

Fun Fun Cave

Source: Cueva Fun Fun


Enjoying outings like this one in Punta Cana will make sure your trip is truly unforgettable.

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