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Attractions to Visit as a Family in Punta Cana


Attractions to Visit as a Family in Punta Cana

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The image that inevitably comes to mind when you think of Punta Cana is its kilometres of white sandy beaches and coconut trees. However, in addition to its endless paradise-like beaches, there are many other places to visit in Punta Cana and numerous activities to do in this region of the Dominican Republic, especially when travelling as a family.

Let’s take a look at which attractions in Punta Cana are ideal for visiting with your children in order for the whole family to have a great time.

Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park

This is a must-visit for anyone eager to explore a natural place in the Dominican Republic that has remained untouched. The Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park is a natural ecological reserve maintained by the Punta Cana Foundation. It is a forest reserve with many freshwater lagoons where the whole family can cool off and go for a swim as they take in the fascinating jungle environment.

Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park

Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park. Source:

The Ecological Park also has a section geared towards education, where the little ones can learn about the cultural and natural history of the island. It has everything from a zoo with domestic animals that are common in the Dominican Republic to an exhibition about sugar cane, an iguana habitat and many other attractions.

Blue Hole

Visiting the Blue Hole is one of the most spectacular activities that the Dominican Republic has to offer. This is a natural pool where the water has an incredibly intense blue colour. You will find it in a cave at the foot of a cliff in Scape Park, one of the nature parks in Punta Cana. Without a doubt, this place is a must-see if you want to experience the beauty of nature and the intensity of its nuances with all your five senses.

To access the Blue Hole, you can go down some stairs and then go for a swim. That’s why it’s a good idea to take a swimsuit and cool clothes in your suitcase when packing for Punta Cana, which will come in handy when you’re walking through the jungle to reach the Blue Hole.

Saona Island

Views from Saona Island

Views from Saona Island

About 80 kilometres away from Punta Cana is Saona Island, a true paradise known around the world for its pristine beaches. The entirety of Saona Island is a nature reserve that is part of the East National Park. As it is a protected area, you will find it to be an oasis of peace for the entire family, where you can enjoy nature in its most pristine condition, with no tall buildings in sight and no hustle and bustle to speak of.

The island has a total area of 110 km2, offering plenty of places where you can relax with cocktails on the beach and enjoy delicious seafood or typical dishes from Punta Cana. The environment is not only great to enjoy as a couple, but the littlest ones in the family can also have fun with water activities such as snorkelling, or a visit to the Turtle Sanctuary located on the island.

Enjoying the beaches in Punta Cana is such an attractive prospect that anyone would wish it could last forever—especially with the beachfront resorts that can offer you exclusive experiences for your family trip to Punta Cana. However, if you’re looking for other activities to do in Punta Cana, you should learn more about these spectacular places that are hidden away on the island of the Dominican Republic.

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