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Top 5 Drinks to Try in Punta Cana


Top 5 Drinks to Try in Punta Cana

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Dominican drinks and cocktails are very popular and are enjoyed all over the world. Travelling to Punta Cana is an excellent opportunity to try these refreshing combinations of fruit and liquors that will be an explosion of joy on any palate.

What are the typical drinks of the Dominican Republic?

The Dominican Republic has an extensive gastronomic offer in which drinks play an important role. The meals are usually accompanied by cocktails, drinks or smoothies that are as nutritious as they are satiating.

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In addition to rum (the drink par excellence countrywide) and the well-known cocktails such as the piña colada or daiquiri, you should also try different mixed drinks, with and without alcohol, which are very representative of this Caribbean country. Let’s take a tour of the most popular ones.


The well-known Mamajuana can be tried alone or in cocktails. It is very attractive among tourists and is considered one of the main national drinks.

The way it is produced is no less striking, the result of a maceration process in which honey, rum and red wine are added to a number of roots, spices and pieces of wood that are native to the country. The result is a unique and semi-sweet flavour, where you can appreciate hints of herbs and woods.

Mamá Juana, typical from Punta Cana Mamá Juana, typical from Punta Cana

Banana Mama

Banana Mama is a delicious and refreshing drink that combines two types of rum with different tropical fruits. Although the recipe may vary depending on the area, the base of white rum will usually incorporate pineapple syrup, coconut cream and grenadine to taste. The result is an intense and refreshing cocktail that is served very cold. It is usually served midday, when the sun is very intense.

Coco Loco

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The Coco Loco is typical throughout the Caribbean and each area adapts the recipe with its own distinctive touch that makes it special and unique. The only two ingredients that do not vary from one recipe to another are coconut and rum. To prepare it, both the pulp and the coconut water are used, taking advantage of all their freshness and properties. It can be served in a glass or directly from the coconut itself in which the drink is prepared.


The Dominican Republic offers plenty of diversity for beer lovers. Even the most demanding palates will know how to find their favourite among the country’s selection of local beers. Some of the most well-known that are prepared on the island are the popular Presidente (lager), and others like the Bohemia, the Quisqueya or the Soberante.

They are usually served in 1.1-litre containers, similar to a wide bottle made of wood or bamboo, and from there they are served into smaller glasses. The perfect way to cool off with friends or with your partner on the beach, enjoying the gentle breeze of the Caribbean Sea.

The pleasant temperature and the paradisiacal beaches that Punta Cana is known for will invite you to try different typical cocktails and drinks from the area. This way, you’ll get to try intense native flavours while staying hydrated as you spend a few days relaxing in Lopesan Costa Bávaro.

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