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Family hotels in Punta Cana


Family hotels in Punta Cana

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Family hotels in Punta Cana

This year we deserve to enjoy a good family holiday. Are you thinking of exotic and warm destinations where you can rest and have some fun?

If you’re intent on finding a place to disconnect from everything that’s been going on in recent times, your mind is probably thinking of a sophisticated landscape, with white sand and turquoise water, colourful coral reefs and impressive palm trees.

That place exists and is located in one of the most popular regions of the Dominican Republic, due to its kilometre-long beaches. More than 64 kilometres of coastline that offer us some of the best beaches in the world.

Punta Cana, and specifically the Playa Bávaro area, has positioned itself as the most popular destination thanks to the numerous family hotels and high-class resorts.

When you plan your holidays, you’ll surely want to find the best option so that your family has all the amenities and services for a perfect stay. 

All the tourist activities offered by Punta Cana and its family hotels are a guarantee that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. 

The best thing to do is to find something for all members of the family, with activities suitable for adults and kids alike.

Imagine enjoying yourself on a beautiful, green golf course or in a luxurious spa, while your children have fun at the water park. Sounds like the perfect plan for children and teenagers who are looking to have an adventure in the same slice of paradise. Of course, all activities can also be enjoyed by those adults who are still young at heart.

Aquapark for the whole family in Punta Cana – Dominican Republic

This is the opportunity to share incredible experiences with your family and explore the beauty of nature while learning about the region’s plants and wildlife.

The hotels in Punta Cana that offer family packages, in addition to rooms that can be shared with your children, offer other complementary services that you may find very interesting, such as babysitters. These expert professionals will take care of your children while you enjoy being in paradise or practising sports in the water or on the beach. In short, you’ll have the opportunity to find time for yourselves. 



If you want to go on a trip to Punta Cana as a family this year, it’s important to check what’s included in the family packages. You’ll see that they include many activities and experiences within the hotel grounds, but you may also want to explore other incredible places, in addition to taking advantage of the opportunity to learn about the area’s culture.

What the little ones will love most are all the experiences in nature, in the middle of the jungle, going on adventures on zip lines, from tree to tree… Pure adrenaline! Ask them if they’d be excited to go on an ATV ride or perhaps visit exotic animals and plantations deep in the jungle in the Dominican Republic, at Monkeyland. They’ll want to do it all!

Monkeyland, an amazing adventure for the whole family – Dominican Republic


The hotel’s magnificent beaches will also offer you plenty of activities that are included in the family packages. They are ideal beaches for the whole family where you can enjoy the white sand, the sun and the palm trees. You’ll play fun games on the beach and have the opportunity to go snorkelling with your family, in an activity you can do thanks to the calm waters. If you like this activity, keep in mind that you can even discover Punta Cana’s coral reef. You won’t want to miss this spectacle of colours and an impressive variety of marine life and exotic fish.

Family snorkelling in Punta Cana – Dominican Republic


There is so much you can learn by observing the seabed, and the little ones in the family will be able to learn about the importance of caring for nature and protecting its species. 


Family trips to Punta Cana are a dream that must be fulfilled. The time has come for you to live out your dream!

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