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Shopping in Punta Cana: Souvenirs and Other Typical Products


Shopping in Punta Cana: Souvenirs and Other Typical Products

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Typical products from Punta Cana

Buying souvenirs and gifts during your trip is the best way of extending your stay there. It’s carrying a piece of paradise back with you in your suitcase to share it upon your return with family and friends.

Punta Cana has a wide range of local products and crafts that will tempt you during your trip. In this article, you’ll discover which souvenirs and products are the most representative of this region in the Dominican country and why they shouldn’t be missing in your suitcase.  


Without a doubt, one of the most typical souvenirs on the island, and that will remind us of our trip to Punta Cana, are the Dominican paintings which are probably the most striking and easy to identify objects. Their main characteristic, the profusion and intensity of their colours, together with the simplicity of their lines, grab the attention of those who admire them, making it truly difficult to choose just one of these paintings. Most of the works are the so-called “Taíno art”, whose scenes reflect the island’s daily life as well as its different traditions and cultures, including everything from the harvesting of rice or cane sugar to dances or other more abstract motifs.

Dominican paintings


The pre-Columbian people that inhabited the island were known as the Taínos and today their crafts are still being made and are highly valued on the island. Their works originally represented their magical/religious vision of the world and today you can find these representations in figures and everyday objects.

Their maximum expression is found in sculpture, with representations dedicated to the cult of the Cemíes, deities or ancestral spirits. If you’re interested in pre-Columbian art, you can acquire figures carved in stone and wood as a memento of your stay in Punta Cana.

Taína crafts

Taína crafts


You’ve probably already tried or heard of Mamajuana. It’s a liqueur made from rum, red wine and honey that is left to soak with tree bark and herbs in a bottle, resulting in a deep red colour.

Rum doesn’t require an introduction. It is considered the national drink of the Dominican Republic and is famous worldwide. Durante your stay, you can visit or learn about the process of making rum and choose between the white or gold variety, as well as any of the brands that you’ve enjoyed the most.

Typical drinks in the Dominican Republic

Typical drinks in the Dominican Republic


Few people can resist jewellery made with larimar. This gemstone, with a sky blue colour, is one of the emblems of the Dominican Republic, since it is only found on this island. It is a stone of volcanic origin and is commonly used to make pendants, earrings or bracelets. On the island it is also known as the Dolphin Stone and it is said to represent peace and clarity. It can be a perfect gift for those who enjoy this type of jewellery.

Buy typical jewellery Dominican Republic

Dominican amber is considered one of the richest in the world with great international prestige, making it possible to find pieces on the island that are of very high quality. When buying amber, it’s important to know that it can come in different colours, with a variety as amazing as it is beautiful. From yellow, the best known, to other colours that you never imagined, such as white, red, green, blue or pink. Such is its beauty that the primitive inhabitants of the island believed it was capable of warding off negative forces. Today it is easy to find different objects carved in amber as well as pieces of jewellery in which this stone is undoubtedly the clear protagonist of each piece. Without a doubt, a piece of amber jewellery can be the perfect object to remember your trip to Punta Cana. 

In addition, those who have a special interest in this stone can also visit the Amber Museum of Puerto Plata, in the centre of Punta Cana. Located in a Victorian house, it exhibits some of the most impressive Dominican amber stones that you can marvel at while learning more about this material.

Dominican amber, typical souvenir

If you’re thinking about going shopping in Punta Cana and buying traditional items and souvenirs, the galleries and shopping areas in the hotels are an excellent option due to their convenience for visitors. Another alternative are the shopping centres located in different areas of Punta Cana. 

But if you want to know where to shop in Punta Cana for a unique experience, you can resort to options such as The Boulevard of Lopesan Costa Bávaro. In this shopping centre, not only do you have access to shops with the best, most authentic souvenirs in the island, but you can also enjoy the most exclusive fashion and shopping, in addition to other recreational spaces such as an American sports bar or the Chía nightclub, to ensure your experience in Punta Cana is complete.

The Boulevard Shopping Centre, Lopesán Costa Bávaro

When it comes to buying a typical souvenir in Punta Cana, the options are endless. Thus, you will always have a memory to carry with you that will allow you to relive all of your great experiences on the island.

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