Cayo Arena seen from above in the Dominican Republic

Prepare Your Visit to Cayo Arena


Prepare Your Visit to Cayo Arena

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Cayo Arena is one of the most treasured places in the Dominican Republic. The beauty of this enclave is such that many have affectionately nicknamed it Cayo Paraíso or “Paradise Island”. Find out why and keep it in mind for your next holidays!

Where is Cayo Arena?

One of the main attractions of Cayo Arena is its location, since it is a coral islet located off the coast of Punta Rucia, in La Isabela Bay, very close to the tourist destination of Puerto Plata.

To get here from places like Santo Domingo, it’s best to hire a taxi service or rent a car to travel the 250 km that separate the capital of the country from Punta Rucia.

From Punta Rucia you can take a boat that will drop you in Cayo Arena in less than half an hour. There is also the option of taking a boat from Puerto Plata, but the trip will take longer, although you’ll get to enjoy spectacular views of the coast along the way.

Boat sailing the Caribbean Sea


What to do in Cayo Arena

It’s no accident that Cayo Arena has earned the nickname “Paradise Island”. Once you get off the boat, you’ll see that you’re in a much more incredible place than you could have ever expected. Cayo Arena is a bank of fine white sand surrounded by the incredible blue of the ocean. Despite its location, its waters are shallow, which makes it a quiet and perfect place for travelling to as a family with children.

This sandbar is small, so it’s important that you get on the first boats that set sail in the morning to ensure you can enjoy Cayo Paraiso to the fullest and avoid any possible crowds.

When you’re in Cayo Arena, you’ll see that there is no vegetation and just a few wooden buildings, but it is precisely in the water where you can do one of the most highly recommended activities here: snorkelling. Practicing this activity in this spot is truly a delight and an enjoyment for the senses since its waters are full of spectacularly coloured tropical fish with such unique shapes that sometimes they will exceed your wildest imagination! Without a doubt, it will be one of the most incredible memories of your holidays in the Dominican Republic.

Women diving with her son in the Caribbean Sea in the Dominican Republic

But, regardless of whether you love snorkelling and want to go one step further, or if you find that it’s not enough because you think there’s more to explore at Cayo Paraíso, then you’ll have the option to go scuba diving, where you’ll find even greater treasures such as the incredible seabed that this place is known for. Not only will you get to enjoy the hidden underwater marine life, but also lots of different vegetation in the form of algae and some of the most surprising types of corals in the entire Caribbean. What you’ll find will be better than anything you’ve ever seen!

How to prepare your visit to Cayo Arena

When planning your visit, it is important to take some precautions that are similar to those you should take in the rest of the Dominican Republic, but that are perhaps even more important in a place like Cayo Arena, such as those related to the sun, heat and humidity. Don’t forget to wear clothes that protect you from the sun, such as a sweater or a long-sleeved jacket, but that are cool at the same time to avoid prolonged sun exposure. You also shouldn’t forget to take sunscreen with you because there are no real shops to be found here due to the size of this sandbar. And, of course, you should always remain hydrated, so be sure to take a bottle of water with you wherever you go.

But, in addition to all this, you should spend time planning out your visit to Cayo Arena and whether you want to do it on your own or book an organised tour that, in addition to visiting this spot, will often schedule some other visits in the area to take up an entire day.

Other places to visit near Cayo Arena

Once you have enjoyed your visit to Cayo Arena, which you too can call “Paradise Island”, if you’ve travelled here on your own (not with an organised tour) then you can take the opportunity to visit other places, such as Puerto Plata, just a few minutes from Punta Rucia if you have travelled to Cayo Arena from there, or directly after your arrival if you have gone by boat from Puerto Plata.

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