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The Best ATV Routes in Punta Cana


The Best ATV Routes in Punta Cana

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Have you thought going on an adventure during your next holidays in the Dominican Republic?

You may not know it, but the best ATV excursions are in Punta Cana. Going on an ATV tour is a fun and unique experience. You’ll be able to cross wonderful landscapes driving an off-road vehicle, where you’ll finish off the experience at an incredible beach where you can go for a refreshing swim.

Plus, the country’s narrow, rural roads provide the perfect opportunity to feel that sense of freedom that comes from being behind the wheel. Of course, you’ll have to hold on tight while your ATV takes you through some of the most incredible landscapes-

Who can drive an ATV?

Anyone can drive an ATV, except minors and pregnant women. In addition, doing this type of activity is not recommended for people with back problems. If none of these restrictions apply to you, then you can rest easy, because driving them isn’t complicated.

When signing up for the activity, you can choose whether you prefer to drive alone, as a couple or in a four-seater. The guide will lead the tour, but you’ll get to experience first-hand the sensation of driving this vehicle that’s been designed for the most adventurous. 

Next, we’re going to tell you about the best ATV routes in Punta Cana, so get a piece of paper and a pen and start writing them down!

Playa Cacao Route

You can do this route without leaving Punta Cana. It is one of the best known and safest, so it’s a perfect way to start. You’ll find several companies that will offer you their services when booking the excursion. We recommend doing some research online before your holidays to find the company that best suits you.

Normally the company will pick up each passenger at their hotels. Pickup locations vary by hotel location. The usual procedure is that they contact each person to provide the exact pick-up location.

After picking up each person, the guides will explain the route and everything else you need to know to drive an ATV. As we have already mentioned before, it’s very easy.

The beginning of the route will take us to the inland part of Punta Cana, driving through countless coffee and cocoa plantations. You’ll be able to cross the Dominican countryside and even a river, while feeling the thrill of driving like a true adventurer.

At this first stop, you’ll discover rural plantations that produce cocoa, coffee, tobacco and even a local elixir: Mamajuana, a liquor that is originally from the Dominican Republic.

The next stop will be Macao Beach, an incredible place that has been recognised as one of the 10 best beaches in the world. This beach is far from the big hotels and the more touristy areas. Its golden sand and crystal clear waters will make it clear that you’ve made it to paradise.

At this stop you’ll have enough time to walk around and dive into the beautiful Caribbean Sea. In addition, it’s a good opportunity to wash off the mud that may have splashed on you while riding the ATV.

The journey continues until arriving at the Cueva de la Fantasia cave. Here you’ll be able to see some magnificent, well-lit stalactites and stalagmites. When driving in the cave, you’ll get to ride over the potholes in the road and its uneven surface. In addition, this location is not open to the public, meaning you can only visit it on one of these tours.  

This is one of the most popular ATV tours for those visiting Punta Cana. The itinerary’s order may vary depending on the tour agency, for example, you may start out at Playa Macao and head towards the caves, or vice versa. However, this is not the only itinerary that you can find in the Dominican Republic, which is a favourite destination among those who love going on ATV tours

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