Hammock at the top of Montaña Redonda

Montaña Redonda, the Best Views of the Dominican Republic


Montaña Redonda, the Best Views of the Dominican Republic

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The Dominican Republic has so many incredible places and one of them is undoubtedly Montaña Redonda.

As its name indicates, it is a mountain that offers incredible views, making it a unique lookout point from which you can admire all of the area’s beauty.

How to get to Montaña Redonda?

The mountain is located in Miches, a municipality in the province of El Seibo. Getting here is very easy by car if coming from places like Playa Bávaro, less than an hour away, or from Santo Domingo, which is three and a half hours away. However, one of the most common ways of getting to the mountain is through organised tours that you can book and that include transfers as well as the hike up the mountain and even lunch in many cases. This option is appropriate for those who want to enjoy a half-day trip and enjoy themselves without having to worry about driving.

Why visit Montaña Redonda?

Montaña Redonda is a place that, a priori, may not seem to be related to the rest of the Dominican Republic because it is a far cry from the usual image of beaches and coconut trees, white sand and turquoise waters. However, Montaña Redonda in Miches is a unique place in the Caribbean due to its height. Once you reach the top, you’ll be able to take in all the natural and scenic beauty of the surroundings in a one-of-a-kind experience. From here, you’ll have privileged views of the sea, such as the Samaná Bay area, and of the entire coastline with beaches such as Playa Esmeralda and Playa Rincón. In addition, from up high you can also see other places such as the Redonda or Limón lagoons and the majesty of the eastern mountain range. From this unique spot, you will love discovering all of those places that you have already visited on your holidays to the Dominican Republic. If you’re travelling with children, they will be even more amazed when they get to the mountain and can see each destination they have travelled to on their family trip.

Views from the top of Montaña Redonda

To take in these views, the area has hammocks and seats to make you feel comfortable. But if you want to fully enjoy the experience of Montaña Redonda and admire its views in a totally different way, you can do so from one of its swings. Although this may sound a bit strange, this option is the most popular among those who come to this viewpoint. Getting on these swings is only recommended for those who enjoy a good adventure; however, the swings are not dangerous because the facility implements all the necessary safety measures. Nevertheless, it’s important to be watching your little ones at all times, since these swings are located at the edge of the peak, meaning that when you’re swinging there will be a moment when it’ll feel like you’re actually flying through the air

Swing on top of Montaña Redonda

But if a swing isn’t enough, you can also try out one of their “flying brooms” that, if you take a picture of, will make you look like you’re actually flying over the countryside. Did you ever think there would be something so unique and special at the top of Montaña Redonda?

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The facilities for those who visit Montaña Redonda are more than 20 years old, but thanks to social media, it has become more popular in recent years thanks to the photographs people take on the swings. If you travel to this part of Caribbean, this is a picture from your holidays you can’t forget to take. In fact, you can even hire a professional photography service from one of the photographers you’ll find here to take a high-quality photo that you can bring back with you as an incredible memory from your climb to Montaña Redonda.

It’s not surprising that Montaña Redonda has become one of the must-do tours for those who love the so-called photographic tourism. This type of tourism is what moves many people to visit a place just to take a special photograph. And Montaña Redonda is a well-known place for this purpose.

Once you have enjoyed the views, you can relax in the cafeteria or the restaurant, as well as buy something from any of the stores you can find here and then go back to the hotel with the feeling of having been in a place that far exceeds anything you could have imagined.

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