Jarabacoa has incredible natural landscapes

What to See in Jarabacoa


What to See in Jarabacoa

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Jarabacoa is a municipality in the Dominican Republic that has a lot to offer you on your next holidays in the Dominican Republic.

Do you want to know what makes this area so special? Read on and you’ll find out.

Where is Jarabacoa?

The municipality of Jarabacoa has 60,000 inhabitants and is located within the Jarabacoa Valley, in the province of La Vega.

It is located two and a half hours from Santo Domingo, the capital. You can do this journey by bus or by private car with a driver. There is also the option of renting a vehicle and getting around on your own, allowing you to visit the entire island. The journey isn’t very complicated, since it is only 130 kilometres along the Duarte motorway and 20 kilometres on the Federico Basilis motorway.

Its location, in the middle of the central mountain range, more than 525 metres above sea level, has led to many people naming it the capital of outdoor sports in the country.

Activities in Jarabacoa

Jarabacoa’s fame for outdoor sports is well deserved. If you like sports such as hiking, you can rest assured knowing that this is your destination.

Rafting on the Yaque River

Sound like an adventure? It is indeed! We promise you that an adventure awaits you in Jarabacoa, if you’re interested!

Once you get to the Yaque River, you’ll see that there are several companies that carry out this type of activity for those who want to give it a go. While you do need to be very careful when rafting, it’s not dangerous if you’re already used to doing this type of sport. Even so, you can always inform the instructor of your level of experience when doing activities of this type so that they take it into account.

In addition to rafting, there are many other options, such as canyoning or horseback riding.

If you want to enjoy incredible views of the area, don’t forget to climb the Duarte peak, from where you can take in Jarabacoa in all its splendour.

Salto Jimenoa waterfall

There has been evidence of this place for more than a century, specifically since the beginning of the 20th century when some Englishmen found it.

Visiting the Jimenoa waterfall means getting to admire one of the most beautiful images of nature that can be found in the Dominican Republic.

The waterfall runs over rock formations, at the end of which there is a beach. The moss on the rocks, the ivy and the underwater plants make it even more beautiful, if possible.

The route to get here is also something you’ll get to enjoy. Would you like to do it on horseback? By Jeep? These are just a couple of the possibilities if you want to enjoy the outing even more, although at a certain point you will have to walk the last 100 metres on foot to reach the waterfall, across an emblematic suspension bridge made of logs and ropes above the Jimenoa River. This part of the journey is always deserving of a photo.

While some other natural areas are free to access, there is a small fee you must pay to get to the Jimenoa waterfall, which is used to maintain the area. Needless to say, it is well worth paying this fee to enjoy this incredible feat of nature.

Salto Jimenoa waterfall in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic

Salto Baiguate waterfall

The Salto Baiguate waterfall is an important waterfall that rises up more than 25 metres, hidden under a canyon. Not only is it beautiful to see how the water falls, but also to admire the pool of emerald-coloured fresh water that the waterfall pours into. Without a doubt, this is one of the favourite places among residents who want to enjoy a refreshing swim in an idyllic setting.

You also enjoy the journey here, where you’ll cross an agricultural landscape on the edge of the mountain, full of coriander fields, which will lead you to some wooden steps that take you to the waterfall. But don’t worry, getting here isn’t complicated. 

In addition, if you want to make the trip even more adventurous, you have the option of going on a canyoning route that ends with a rappel down to the Salto Baiguate waterfall.

Salto Baiguate waterfall in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic

Other outings in Jarabacoa

This place, in addition to being ideal for people looking for adventure tourism outdoors, is also perfect for other more “relaxed” plans, suitable for the whole family.

Monte Alto coffee

This is where the Monte Alto coffee factory is located, one of the most important in the area. They offer guided tours to learn about their facilities and coffee production, in addition to the history of the factory. Of course, you’ll get the chance to taste different coffees to discover all of their nuances. 

Coffee tastings at the Monte Alto coffee factory, Dominican Republic

Inmaculada Concepción Cathedral

Religious monuments are always an attraction, and the Inmaculada Concepción Cathedral is well worth a visit. It is a Roman Catholic church, completed in 1992. One interesting fact: it’s one of the few churches in which the risen Christ is represented on the altar and not on the cross. 

La Confluencia

Just ten minutes from Jarabacoa is La Confluencia Park, which has been given this name because it is the place where two of the most important rivers in the area come together. A true delight for the eyes. 

These are just some of the most important places close to Jarabacoa. But, if you want to learn more, we recommend taking a look at our post about what to see in La Vega.

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