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Travel Safely to Punta Cana


Travel Safely to Punta Cana

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One of the doubts that many people have before planning a trip is their safety at the destination. When we travel, especially if we’re going on vacation, we don’t want to encounter any setbacks that could put a damper on our free time and tarnish the memory of a few incredible days.

However, if there is one thing the Dominican Republic can brag about it’s how safe the country is, even more so in the region of Punta Cana, since the data places it as the safest destination in the Caribbean for tourists’ peace of mind.

Travel safely to Punta Cana

Is it safe to travel to the Dominican Republic?

The country’s economy is based on tourism, so the safety of tourists is something that the authorities really care about, as well as the thousands of Dominicans who work in the tourism sector. For this reason, both the beach areas and the inland part of the country, as well as the resorts, are very well protected to avoid any problems for tourists and guarantee your utmost safety at all times. 

Regarding crime, the Dominican Republic currently ranks 87th in the Global Peace Index that is prepared annually by the Institute for Economics and Peace, taking into account aspects such as crime and levels of violence. This makes it the safest among all the countries bathed by the Caribbean Sea for the millions of tourists who visit it every year.

Therefore, risks such as being mugged and, in general, any type of violent situation, are really low throughout the entire Dominican Republic compared to other countries in the area, making it a preferred destination among many couples looking to enjoy their holidays in a dreamy destination without compromising their safety. However, it is true that there are certain areas in places like Santo Domingo where it’s preferable to avoid, just like any other capital in the world with areas that you shouldn’t enter as a precaution, such as the La Ciénaga neighbourhood in Santo Domingo. However, these places aren’t major tourist attractions so they’re easy to avoid.

But when it comes to safety, there’s more to consider than just open spaces or touristy areas, since tourists have the freedom, for example, to take advantage of public transport or taxis to get around, which unlike other countries are actually quite safe. Like always, it’s important to keep close watch over your belongings at all times to avoid possible theft or carelessness, but the risk of being pickpocketed is very low both in public transport and in open spaces or those with larger crowds of people, especially if we take caution to always carry our wallet in a safe place.

When visiting the island, all you have to do is take into account when the best time of year is in order to avoid inclement weather, such as tropical storms. Since they happen from time to time, you also have the assurance that both the infrastructure and the people residing in the Dominican Republic are well prepared, meaning they can provide you with the help or information you need to ensure these setbacks don’t cloud your holidays.

Safety in Punta Cana

Safety in Punta Cana

The Punta Cana area is one of the safest in the country, which makes it the ideal destination for enjoying your holidays or celebrating a wedding with all the guarantees for guests.

In fact, along with the climate and the hospitality of the inhabitants, safety in this area is one of the aspects that tourists like to highlight and that causes them to come back to Punta Cana another time.

As an area with a high concentration of resorts and spaces dedicated to tourism, there are important safety measures in place to ensure that nothing gets in the way of you enjoying your holidays.

Healthcare in Punta Cana

One of the issues that matters most to us before going on a trip is healthcare. One recommendation when visiting the Dominican Republic is to take out travel insurance that covers the expenses derived from any health need, such as an injury, or in times of a pandemic such as COVID-19. Throughout the country and in the Punta Cana area, there are several clinics that provide tourists with the medical assistance they may need and whose costs are covered by these types of insurance. 

Many health risks are easily avoidable. For example, the island’s water isn’t suitable for tourists to drink, so you should always drink bottled water to avoid any possible discomfort such as vomiting or diarrhoea and having to receive medical assistance. 

Another factor to consider is sun exposure. Many tourists who visit Punta Cana want to fully enjoy what this famous sunny Caribbean beach destination has to offer, but it’s important to do so with caution and constantly apply sun protection. Avoiding sunburn is easy if measures are taken, allowing you to enjoy your holidays in a much healthier and fun way.

Healthcare in Punta Cana

As you can see, you can safely travel to the Dominican Republic with your significant other to enjoy your holidays in paradise without any big concerns, thanks to how safe Punta Cana and the rest of the country is.

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