What are the prices in the Dominican Republic?


What are the prices in the Dominican Republic?

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The Dominican Republic is considered an inexpensive country, in which its visitors can usually do all the activities they want without money being a conditioning factor.

If you’ve planned to go on holiday to Punta Cana and you’re interested in knowing the different prices and costs of life on the island, in this article we will provide an estimate of the costs of the main activities that you can do during your stay, such as restaurants or transportation.

Main prices and rates in the Dominican Republic

Before breaking down the prices of the main activities you’ll do during your trip to Punta Cana, it’s important that you know that the Dominican peso is the official currency of the Dominican Republic. However, you won’t have any problem making payments with any other currency and managing bookings for activities using other international currencies such as the dollar or the euro. You can calculate the current value of the Dominican peso with a currency converter, although the approximate value of 1 euro is 58RD$ and 1 dollar (USD) is 51RD$.

Prices of transportation in Punta Cana

If you’re thinking about going on trips in the Dominican Republic to explore the country’s main attractions, you’ve surely wondered what it costs to take the main modes of transport, whether public or private.

To get an estimate of how much a one-hour taxi ride would cost, applying a normal rate, it could be approximately 280RD$, which equals €4.38 or $4.91, depending on the current exchange rate. If you choose to rent a car to have more independence with the activities you select, the price of petrol is 70RD$ per litre, which is equivalent to $1.23 or €1.10.

Prices of restaurants in Punta Cana

Although it’s a good idea to enjoy the countless restaurants and cuisine offered by the all-inclusive resorts during your holiday in Punta Cana, it’s also good to have an idea of the average prices of restaurants or certain national products.

The average price of a meal for two at an à la carte restaurant would be about 2300 Dominican pesos, which is approximately $40 or €36. The price of a national beer is approximately $2, an imported beer (served in a 33cl bottle) would be $3, and $0.90 for a Coca-Cola.

What are the prices in the Dominican Republic?

These prices can serve as a reference when purchasing the occasional soft drink or snacks during excursions outside of the hotel. The best thing to do would be to make the most of the exclusive restaurants in Punta Cana inside the resorts such as the Lopesan Costa Bávaro Resort, Spa & Casino, which can satisfy even the most demanding palates with a wide range of themed restaurants, buffet-style restaurants or beach lounges.

Prices of souvenirs in Punta Cana

In the Dominican Republic, you can buy a wide variety of souvenirs from Punta Cana at very affordable prices. Within the leisure and recreation options at the main hotels in Punta Cana, you will find galleries where you can buy some of the most typical products from the region, such as Taino sculptures or precious stones, as well as a wide range of shops with the best brands.

What are the prices in the Dominican Republic

These are just a few examples of the main prices and rates in the Dominican Republic, although for most of the services and activities that you’ll want to do, you will be advised by the professionals at the hotel where you’re staying.

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