Hato Mayor seen from the sky paradise island

What to Do in Hato Mayor


What to Do in Hato Mayor

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Hato Mayor is one of the 32 provinces that make up the Dominican Republic and is located in the Eastern Region of the country, along with the provinces of La Altagracia, El Seibo, La Romana, Monte Plata and San Pedro de Macorís. 

It is one of the most recently created provinces, since it was founded on December 3, 1984. However, it is considered to be one of the most attractive regions for tourism in the entire country, as in 2002 it was the first region to be declared an ecotourism destination in the Dominican Republic, due to the richness of its ecosystem and how much it contributes to the preservation of the country’s biodiversity. 

Without a doubt, it is one of the most popular destinations in the Dominican Republic, suitable for all types of audiences, from families with children to couples or groups of friends. There are many incredible places that you can find here that will make your holidays in Punta Cana a unique experience

Fun Fun Cave

This natural relic is located at the south-eastern end of the Los Haitises National Park and is the largest cave in the Caribbean, with more than 28 kilometres of tunnels and underground passages. 

The best way to explore these caves is by booking a tour where you can partake in a wide variety of activities. The best known tour is the one that is booked through the cave’s official website and includes going horseback riding in the humid forest of the Los Haitises National Park.

seven people inside a cave looking around

mage Source: www.cuevafunfun.do

However, to get to the very heart of the Fun Fun Cave, you need to rappel 18 metres down into the earth. Although it may seem difficult to reach the cave, the beautiful landscapes that you’ll find will be well worth the effort as they are completely unique.

You’ve probably never heard the amplified whisper of a river within the walls of the immense galleries and tunnels, nor have you experienced the contrast of temperatures as you venture deep inside of the earth. Without a doubt, the Fun Fun Caves are the perfect destination for those who love this type of sensation.

Salto de Yanigua

The Salto de Yanigua is an impressive waterfall that flows into a natural pool where hikers can connect with nature while going for a refreshing swim. It is located about ten kilometres from the community of El Valle, between Hato Mayor and Sabana de la Mar.

This beautiful waterfall is the perfect place to visit with family or a group of friends, as it is surrounded by lush vegetation with red amber and mineral coal mines in the surrounding area. In addition, you can also find blue mud stones, another of the reasons why tourists decide to come here, since this raw material is used as a body mask to exfoliate the skin.

Bay of San Lorenzo

We could spend hours talking about the Bay of San Lorenzo, as it is a place with a lot to see and do in terms of tourism, culture and science.

Hato Mayor seen from the sky paradise island

Source: Discovering the Dominican Republic

Wildlife and virgin landscapes coexist in harmony, making this privileged spot the perfect place for taking pictures, in addition to offering all kinds of recreational activities that any nature lover could wish for.

Some of the relics that we can find in the Bay of San Lorenzo are the Cavern of San Gabriel, known as the “Cathedral” of the Caverns for its countless hills that are up to 350 metres high. Also noteworthy is the Ferrocarril cave, the Arena cave or the Boca de Tiburon cave.

And not to our surprise, this Bay also has impressive beaches. Punta Arena beach is one of the most frequently visited by tourists staying in Punta Cana. But the beaches of Punta Almendro and Punta El Chino are also a must-see. In addition, there is a rest area in the latter that sells delicious Creole food and crafts.

One of the other most popular destinations in this area is the Muelle de la Perla, an old railway station built at the end of the 19th century, which was used to transport cocoa, coffee and agricultural items.


Muelle de la Perla with the columns of the old station in the Dominican Republic

Image from Conociendo República Dominicana

Currently, the capitals are the only thing left from the old station. These solid iron columns have been integrated into the jungle landscape in an almost natural way, and serve as a resting place for seabirds such as pelicans or gannets. This landscape is considered to be one of the most photographed places of the entire bay, so get your camera ready to take some unique photographs of what will be one of the best stops during your holidays in Punta Cana.

Chocolate Route


Another of the most highly recommended activities to do in Hato Mayor is to go on the famous Chocolate Route. The Dominican Republic is well known for its cocoa production, meaning it’s always a good idea to go on this cocoa tour to learn more about the country and its culture.

One of the main routes takes place in Vicentillo-Yabón, close to Hato Mayor del Rey. There is also another tour in the Los Botados area (El Seibo). On both, you can learn all about chocolate, its origin, how it was grown and what the different types of chocolate production were like.

You can also enjoy other delicacies while on the tour, such as delicious Creole food or different products made from cocoa, such as cocoa jam. If you want to plan this tour, you should book it at least one day in advance, as it usually fills up quickly.

As you can see, every inch of the province of Hato Mayor is paradise, offering endless recreational activities that’ll allow you to have exciting adventures while creating unforgettable memories.

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