Boat stranded on the beach of El Soco

Travelling to El Soco What do I need to know?


Travelling to El Soco What do I need to know?

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The Dominican Republic is a country full of unique places that captivate the visitor. You may immediately think of a sun and beach holiday, but you’ll discover that there are so many other incredible places in the Dominican Republic that are worth spending time getting to know, and El Soco is one of those places.

How to get to El Soco

El Soco is a town very close to San Pedro de Macoris. There are different options for getting here. If you leave from Santo Domingo, you can take a bus to La Romana, and from here a taxi to El Soco, with a total duration of approximately two and a half hours. If you hire a vehicle with a driver or rent a car, you can go directly to El Soco in just one hour and six minutes.

If you’re travelling from other places such as Punta Cana, the journey will take slightly longer since there is a greater distance between the two points. From Punta Cana you can take a bus that will drop you in La Romana, and from here you can get a taxi to El Soco. The entire journey, if you do it by car or taxi, takes one hour and twelve minutes

As you can see, it’s relatively quick to get to El Soco from either of these two places, so it’s a highly recommended activity to do as a day trip.

What to see in El Soco

El Soco is a quiet town, which makes it a perfect destination to visit with children and see one of the most emblematic towns in the Dominican Republic.

Playa la Sardina

This beach, whose name translates as “Sardine Beach” in English, is a guaranteed good time. The origin of its name isn’t entirely clear, but it may be due to the fact that it used to be an important area for sardine fishing back in the day.

On this small beach you can relax as it’s not usually too crowded. In addition, it forms a small bay so that children can swim without any big waves or strong currents.


Cave of Wonders

This cave is one of the most impressive spots in the Dominican Republic. It is located within the Cave of Wonders National Park, and within it you can admire wall paintings left behind by the ancient Taino people. In addition, you will get to see interesting geological formations such as the stalactites and stalagmites, and meet the fun inhabitants of the cave, such as the bats that live here. If you go to El Soco, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Cave of Wonders because it offers you a different image of the Dominican Republic than what you probably had in mind.

Ancient drawings in the Cave of Wonders

El Soco

In addition to Sardine Beach and the incredible Cave of Wonders nestled in its national park, you can also take advantage of your visit to El Soco to explore the town. This is one of the humblest enclaves in the Dominican Republic, where you’ll see that the town is made up of simple houses. Since it’s not one of the more touristy places in the country, you won’t find many shops to buy souvenirs, but regular shops where the locals buy from. What does all this mean? Well, you’ll have the opportunity to get to know a little bit more about the life of the Dominican people, go to the shops they frequent, eat in the restaurants where they eat, and have a totally different yet enriching experience for a day.

What do you think about the option of visiting El Soco on your next holidays in Punta Cana? Keep this destination in mind and, as always, the best advice is to get your camera ready, because you won’t want to put it down.

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