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All-Inclusive Holidays in the Caribbean With Children


All-Inclusive Holidays in the Caribbean With Children

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The paradisiacal environment of the Caribbean is a guarantee that anyone will have a great time here. Spaces for fun, relaxation and adventure are guaranteed throughout the region, but there is a group that will have a particularly good time if they choose this destination. If you’re thinking about organising a family holiday, we’ll tell you what you should keep in mind when making the preparations and what activities are ideal for doing with children. They’re sure to have an unforgettable memory of Punta Cana. 

Planning is the key to success 

Good planning is essential to ensuring adults and children alike have a smooth trip. Doing all the preparations ahead of time will help you get a better perspective of the trip and make sure every last detail is taken care of. Prepare a checklist with the clothes you need to take, what items and documents, and make reservations and take out insurance far enough in advance. Avoiding unexpected events will make sure you start enjoying the experience before you even board the plane. 

Don’t think twice about doing these activities with the littlest ones at home. That way they’ll get really excited about preparing the trip and reaching the destination. They can start by soaking up the culture you’ll find in the Dominican Republic with books, guides, documentaries or movies that can be transformed into educational games and stories to tell throughout the day. Coming into contact with this destination before you leave home will allow them to more easily adapt later on.

Holidays in the Caribbean with children all inclusive

The journey doesn’t have to be endless 

The plane ride from your city to Punta Cana can be tiring for children, so it’s important to have moments of fun and relaxation. Although the trip usually lasts about 8 hours depending on the destination, long-distance planes are fully equipped with the necessary technology to ensure time flies thanks to the movies and music. As for you, you can prepare family games and set aside moments for resting, meaning you’ll have the energy you need to enjoy all the different activities upon your arrival.

The best experience, an All-Inclusive resort 

Enjoying a family trip to Punta Cana is an unforgettable experience for parents and children. The new experiences you’ll enjoy together will be remembered forever and you’re bound to come back to the Caribbean in the future. 

Choosing the hotel is one of the most important decisions when making a reservation. You must take into account not only the environment where you’re going to stay, but also all the options it offers when it comes to outings and activities, as well as the services that will be at your disposal during your stay. That’s why the best option for your stay in Punta Cana are the All-Inclusive resorts: you’ll forget about how much time you’ve spent in their facilities thanks to all the options they provide.

All inclusive vacations in the Caribbean

Lopesan Costa Bávaro Resort, Spa & Casino is one of the best hotels in Punta Cana if you’re travelling with children. You’ll be in the heart of a paradisiacal natural environment, which spans the more than 40 kilometres of beaches that make up Punta Cana, and whose highlight is Playa Bávaro, recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and internationally claimed as one of the best beaches on the entire Costa del Coco. 

Guaranteed fun 

White sand, transparent waters and a spectacular climate all year round will delight anyone who loves water sports. In Punta Cana, you can go snorkelling and diving, discover marine wildlife like you’ve never seen before and get a closer look at the Caribbean habitat that will win you over from day one. A sunset boat ride will be the icing on the cake for a dreamy day in a protected environment.  

Inside the hotel, the wonderful swimming pools for all ages and never-ending slides will ensure that the fun never stops. Accompanied by instructors and entertainers, children will have a great time and they’ll be able to forge friendships while parents can disconnect in one of the many leisure areas. You can all meet back up in the recreational spaces and enjoy a different activity every day.

Amusement parks, unforgettable places 

If there is one place that children will never forget, it’s the amusement parks in Punta Cana. Here they’ll be able to learn about the culture of the region, its plants and wildlife. While they have fun, they’ll learn about who populated this area before the arrival of the Europeans, how hundreds of native species live, and they’ll enjoy a day of endless fun with water as the protagonist

Amusement park in the Caribbean

If you’re eager to have an incredible family holiday, Punta Cana is the best place. You’ll enjoy a luxurious experience that will make your stay unforgettable and you can line up a different plan for the whole family every day. It’s no surprise that the Caribbean is one of the destinations chosen throughout the year by thousands of families looking to combine excitement, adventure, fun and relaxation on their holidays. 

Commit to comfort and enjoyment for a dreamy holiday. Do you already have your travel dates picked out?

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