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The Best Activities if You Come to Punta Cana With Friends


The Best Activities if You Come to Punta Cana With Friends

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The area of Punta Cana is a slice of paradise that delights the five senses and invites you to stay here forever. Have you thought about taking a trip here with your friends? If it’s ever crossed your mind, we’re going to tell you all about the best activities to do with friends in Punta Cana, which are sure to convince you to choose this place as your next holiday destination.

7 Best Activities to Do in Punta Cana With Friends

Outing to the Blue Hole

The well-known Blue Hole is a natural pool whose water is a deep blue colour. It is a must-see if you want to experience the intensity and beauty of nature and its colours with your five senses. You can visit the Blue Hole with your friends at Scape Park.

Experience local life in Higüey

Higüey is a city very close to the beaches of Punta Cana which, however, offers a very different perspective than that which you may get of the Costa del Coco. Once there, it’s essential that you explore local life and discover the Basilica-Cathedral of Our Lady of Altagracia, one of the country’s most iconic and revered images.

In addition, you can walk its streets, full of the purest Dominican atmosphere in which you can dance and enjoy the sound of the most authentic merengue. Think you won’t be able to keep up? Don’t worry, the Dominicans will give you some basic movements to follow so that you can have a great time while dancing to the music the country is known for. 

Altagracia, Dominican Republic
Altagracia, Higüey, Dominican Republic

Samaná and Los Haitises National Park

This jungle park can be visited by boat, enjoying its plants and wildlife at a close distance. You’ll discover the native species in the area, such as the pelicans, herons and other birds. For this visit, you can also book a small plane to be used exclusively by your group of friends, recommended especially in the season known for humpback whale watching.

If you’re nature lovers, there’s no question that this is one plan you can’t miss during the days you spend in Punta Cana. It’s very easy to book an organised trip, although you also have the option of renting a car and going on your own.

Go snorkelling and do other water activities

Snorkel in Punta Cana

Imagine discovering a barrier reef and numerous tropical species while snorkelling with your friends. Or you can fly over the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean in a breathtaking parasailing outing. These excursions are usually done by catamaran, where the round trip itself is extremely exciting. Just imagine yourself on the bow of the catamaran, having cocktails with your friends and taking the most incredible photos to show off after your unique holidays. A memory you’ll be sure to hold onto forever! Without a doubt, this is one of the most enjoyable activities you can do with friends in Punta Cana. 

A day trip to Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo is one of the most highly desired spots on the island and is easily accessible from Punta Cana. The day will fly by while you walk through its historic centre. Its streets are full of history and display the country’s culture and colonial architecture. From the centre of the colonial city, you can explore the most emblematic spaces in the capital and eat at the most delicious restaurants with traditional Dominican food

You can take the evening to go for a stroll along the Malecón, a 14-kilometre promenade on the Caribbean Sea while remembering all of the most iconic moments from your trip.

You can learn more here: Day Trip to Santo Domingo.

Trip to Santo Domingo, dominican Republic

Theme parks

Manatí Park, in the heart of Playa Bávaro, offers unique experiences with shows that allow you to learn about everything from the Taíno culture to the more than 150 species of exotic animals such as sea lions, dolphins, parrots, etc. A very interesting plan just a few metres from your hotel in Playa Bávaro.

Enjoy exclusive experiences at your resort

Air views from Lopesan Costa Bávaro

Don’t forget about the entertainment and relaxation options that the hotels can offer. Some of the most exclusive resorts are in Playa Bávaro, where the Lopesan Costa Bávaro Resort, Spa & Casino stands out when it comes to the All-Inclusive category, offering an exclusive recreation area with a casino, theatre, arcade room, and more. It is sure to surpass any previous experience you’ve ever had. In addition, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that you’re in the perfect place to enjoy the best activities with your friends in Punta Cana

So, have you already convinced your friends that Punta Cana is the best destination for those long-awaited holidays?

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