Playa Bayahibe, Dominican Republic

Discover the Charm of Playa de Bayahibe


Discover the Charm of Playa de Bayahibe

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Surrounded by coconut trees and palm trees is one of the most peaceful beaches in the Dominican Republic. A meeting spot for visitors eager to relax and disconnect in the middle of nature, the paradise of Playa de Bayahibe is located in the southeast of La Romana. Thanks to its location, just two kilometres from the town centre, where you can try delicious food or learn more about the Dominican culture, you’ll find this intimate and quiet place.

The warmth of its waters, the gentle waves and the fine white Caribbean sand have made Playa Bayahibe one of the best beaches in Punta Cana and a favourite among those who want to enjoy peace and quiet on the island.

What to do in Playa de Bayahibe 

This beach has endless possibilities that are perfect for you when travelling as a couple, with friends or as a family. It is one of the most famous places on the island for fishing, since its waters are full of fish that are caught daily as the catch of the day. But, if instead of fishing you prefer to see the fish in their own habitat, diving and snorkelling are two options frequently chosen in this area for exploring a seabed that is rich in life and colours. Magnificent starfish, cuttlefish and rays, in addition to small and colourful schools of fish, will grab your attention as you admire the inhabitants of these waters. 

But, in addition, this area has a fascinating underwater archaeological reserve, with recreated shipwrecks of galleons from the 17th and 18th centuries, representing what were once authentic pirate shipwrecks, such as that of the famous Captain William Kid, from which this original idea of a living museum arose. Without a doubt, the perfect way of experiencing first-hand part of the area’s magnificent history.

What to do in Playa Bayahibe, Dominican Republic

For those who prefer to be out of the water, two perfect options include touring the Cueva del Puente cave, which is full of Taíno messages, or going hiking along the Padre Nuestro trail, turning your day into an adventure from start to finish.

One of the attractions in Playa de Bayahibe is the charming little town in which it’s located, which gives the area its name. Emerging as a meeting point, this town is full of life with colourful houses and small shops.   

Shopping in Playa de Bayahibe 

But if what you’re looking for is to be in a more relaxed environment and leave the activities for another time, you should know that Playa de Bayahibe also has small shops where you can buy souvenirs and typical handicrafts from the Dominican Republic to remember your stay in this heavenly place. One of the most typical products of this area are the spices, such as cinnamon or liquid vanilla, ideal for desserts, as well as jams and leather objects. In Playa de Bayahibe, you can get excellent pieces of amber or larimar, either as the stone or made into jewellery.

Shopping in Playa Bayahibe, Dominican Republic

Eating in Playa de Bayahibe

As with most beaches in the area, Playa de Bayahibe has different restaurants with which you can savour the country’s most typical dishes. From elegant restaurants such as Las Palmas or Cadaqués, to the beach bars that are spread out along the beach, you’ll find a wide range of restaurants for having a delicious lobster or other freshly caught seafood. But, in addition, the area has very fertile lands that produce delicious exotic fruits, tubers and vegetables. Those with a sweet tooth will also find their own paradise here, with options such as coconut candy, sugar cane or dulce de leche. No one will go hungry, that’s for sure!

Eating in Playa Bayahibe, Dominican Republic

Where to stay in Playa de Bayahibe 

This area is very touristy, so you can find resorts and small hotels within walking distance. Playa de Bayahibe is located at a distance of 66.5 kilometres from Punta Cana, approximately one hour by car on the Coral motorway, so another highly recommended option is to stay at one of the resorts in this tourist region and plan a day trip to Playa de Bayahibe. 

Whichever plan you choose, Playa de Bayahibe is a destination that will guarantee you have a special holiday and that you’ll want to come back as soon as possible.

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