Beach shore in Las Terrenas in Punta Cana

What to Do in Las Terrenas? (2022 Guide)


What to Do in Las Terrenas? (2022 Guide)

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Las Terrenas, located in the northeast of the Dominican Republic, is a small touristy town that belongs to the province of Samaná. The beauty of its landscapes and its culinary side have managed to position it as one of the favourite destinations for going on a day trip within the country among those who decide to spend their holidays in the Dominican Republic and stay at a hotel or resort. In addition, the trade winds and warm subtropical temperatures cause this area to have a mild climate, with average temperatures throughout the year of 25 degrees and a variation in temperature of only about 10 degrees between winter and summer. Do you want to discover even more reasons to visit Las Terrenas in the Dominican Republic?


Its origin is quite recent, dating back to 1946, when the then president Rafael Leónidas Trujillo ordered that the inhabitants of Santo Domingo who had a lower income level and low purchasing power be relocated as farmers and fishermen. Las Terrenas was, at that time, a fishing village that lived practically isolated from the rest of the country, connected by a simple dirt road to the municipality of Sánchez that was paved in 1989. This situation of neglect changed radically in 1975, with the arrival of the man known as Jean “the Frenchman”, who promoted the tourist development of this wonderful Dominican region. For several years now, Las Terrenas has been one of the most visited places in the Dominican Republic.


Las Terrenas is located on the Samaná peninsula in the northeast of the country, on the Atlantic coast. The importance it has gained in recent decades has done a lot to improve its connections with the rest of the country, making it much more accessible. From the capital, Santo Domingo, you can take a bus that will reach Las Terrenas in just two and a half hours. In this case, travelling here by private transport, such as car or taxi, only makes a difference of around fifteen minutes since the bus is direct. From Punta Cana the journey takes longer. By bus it will take you almost seven hours, and by car four hours and ten minutes. In this case, your choice will not only depend on the level of comfort you prefer, but also the amount of time you have to make the trip.


Once you get to Las Terrenas, you can go for a walk to explore some of the most interesting places that we’ve described below, or get a “moto-concho”, which is the name given to motorcycle taxis in the Dominican Republic.


The quality of the beaches in Las Terrenas is the main tourist attraction of this municipality. Their soft golden sand, incredible coconut trees and crystal clear waters allow you to not only relax with the sea breeze in your hair, but also to practice different types of water sports for all different levels. The most popular beaches in Las Terrenas are Playa Bonita and Playa Cosón. Here you can enjoy the sun of the Dominican Republic or go for a nice swim. You’ll also find the option of going snorkelling or surfing. There’s no shortage of fun things to do!


Shore of Playa Cosón seen from above



In Las Terrenas, a fishing village, you can enjoy the local gastronomy with delicious dishes, with fresh fish and shellfish that are caught directly on the coast. Brightly coloured fishing boats are anchored just a few metres from the shore.

Grilled prawns cooked outside



The town itself is also worth visiting. In addition to having delicious restaurants, you can find all kinds of craft shops where you can find the perfect gift for your family and friends or buy a piece of home décor. In its stores you can find Haitian-style canvases, jewellery or other types of local crafts. The fishing village has streets with low colourful houses that give it a pleasant and vibrant atmosphere. It will be the best background for taking original and fun photographs, especially with your little ones. Without a doubt, a walk through the town can’t be missed on your visit to Las Terrenas in the Dominican Republic.


If you decide to visit Samaná and Las Terrenas, there are other places of interest very close to Las Terrenas that you may want to consider visiting.


Very close to the town of Las Terrenas, you’ll find an almost virgin landscape where you can enjoy spending time in the middle of nature with native wild flowers, while listening to the whistle of blackbirds, which is the most characteristic bird in this area. 

It is precisely in the middle of this vegetation that we find Salto del Limón, one of the natural gems of the Dominican Republic and the Samaná peninsula. It has a waterfall that rises up more than 40 metres, where you will not only enjoy the wonderful spectacle of the water falling from so high up, but you’ll also be able to go for one of the most unforgettable swims that you’ll never forget, since it flows into a natural pool. A real treat for those who decide to visit this part of the island, just 23 kilometres from Las Terrenas..

Waterfall located in Salto del Limón in Las Terrenas



On the other side of the Samaná peninsula we find the Samaná Bay. It is precisely in the interior part of this bay where another of the great natural tourist attractions of the Dominican Republic is found. We’re talking about the Los Haitises National Park, a reserve made up of caves with Taíno pictographs, humid forests and hundreds of endemic bird species. The characteristic that distinguishes this spectacular place from the other parks on the island are its hummocks that are over 40 metres high.

Going to Las Terrenas means getting the chance to explore one of the unknown places for many of the tourists who come to the Dominican Republic, but it is also one of the best places to enjoy the true Caribbean essence.

River located in the Los Haitises National Park


Going to Las Terrenas means getting the chance to explore one of the unknown places for many of the tourists who come to the Dominican Republic, but it is also one of the best places to enjoy the true Caribbean essence.

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