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Trip to Pedernales – Dominican Republic


Trip to Pedernales – Dominican Republic

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Discovering and exploring every inch of the Dominican Republic is a true pleasure that you can experience on your next trip. To try and convince you even more, we’re going to discover Pedernales, one of the 32 provinces that make up the country and which has some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the Dominican Republic.

Where is Pedernales?

The province of Pedernales, located in the west of the country, is one of the most unknown areas among tourists, which makes its beauty totally unique. Pedernales is hidden in the deep south, as the locals say, and is bordered to the north by the Independencia province, to the south by the Caribbean Sea, to the east by the Barahona province and to the west by Haiti. In addition, within a short distance you’ll find undisputable natural paradises such as the Hoyo de Pelempito or Águilas Bay.

What to see in Pedernales

Pedernales isn’t like any other place in the Dominican Republic that you can think of. Its nature and its wild, untouched beaches will leave you speechless during your visit, since you’ll find exotic plants and abundant marine life if you decide to dive into the ocean. In addition, you’ll get to enjoy incredible views since its landscape is surrounded by forests, caves, lakes and its famous beaches with crystal clear waters.

Its main economic activities are livestock, agriculture, mining and fishing, which don’t detract from its beauty and, in part, have contributed to its conservation.

All of this natural wealth makes Pedernales an object of study for biologists, whose hearts have been stolen by its incredible biodiversity. Of course, water is its main attraction, once example of which is Lake Enriquillo, covering more than 350 square kilometres, which is the largest natural water reservoir in the Caribbean. Isn’t that amazing?

What places should you visit in Pedernales?

After a brief introduction to this remote province, we want you to learn about those places that you can’t miss during your trip and that should be the first on your list so that you can get to experience everything that we’ve already talked about. You’ll find that Pedernales has some of the most incredible natural landscapes in the Dominican Republic.

Caves of Pedernales 

The nature and landscapes in Pedernales are incredibly rich and will surprise you wherever you go. Therefore, if you choose to cross the dry forests, you’ll be able to observe the formations of Trou Nicolá. A place unlike any other that is home to three spectacular natural pools that are part of the Jaraguay National Park and that are fed by underground rivers

Las Águilas Bay, a beach to remember

This very unique bay is located within the Jaragua National Park. With a length of approximately 37 kilometres, its ivory-coloured sand and crystal clear emerald waters will leave you speechless the moment you set foot here.

Las Águilas Bay, Dominican Republic


It is a completely virgin beach where you won’t find any tourist establishments for getting something to eat or drink. If you decide to venture a little deeper into its dry forest, you’ll find hundreds of turtles nesting in a place whose plants and wildlife have remained the same since it was discovered. That’s why this bay belongs to the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves

Find out how you can access this beautiful place and discover what it is about this beach that wins over the people who visit it in this article

Cabo Rojo, one of the most famous beaches in the region

Cabo Rojo beach is known for bauxite, a type of rock that you’ll find in this special place. Its beach, with white sand and crystal clear waters, is home to one of the area’s natural wonders. Here you’ll find one of the best preserved coral reefs in the Caribbean Sea. Antillean manatees and hawksbill turtles thrive in its waters, who have chosen them as their mating place.

If scuba diving is your thing, this is one of the spots par excellence for practising this sport, since you’ll find it has unique characteristics that you’ve never seen before.


Hawksbill turtle at the beach of Cabo Rojo

Hoyo de Pelempito – an attractive, versatile landscape

Its landscape, unique and characteristic, is located about 32 kilometres from the coast. Hoyo de Pelempito is one of the most interesting tourist attractions thanks to how the area magically transforms from desert vegetation into a lush forest. To get here, you will have to cross the area known as Aceitilla, at about 1,300 metres above sea level. 

Aceitilla in Hoyo de Pelempito

If you want to experience Hoyo de Pelempito in all its glory, you must go to the park’s observatory, where you can look out on this geological depression that is about 700 metres deep, located in the mountains of the Sierra de Bahoruco

Sierra de Bahoruco National Park, a paradise for nature lovers

This National Park covers an astounding 1,000 km2 and crosses through the provinces of Bahoruco, Pedernales and Barahona.

However, the orchids are what will probably grab your attention the most during your visit to this National Park and its close to 70 kilometres. If you love plants, here you’ll find 32 unique types of orchids.

Orchids in Sierra de Bahoruco

If, on the other hand, you are more interested in wildlife, you can rest assured knowing that here you’ll be able to find and observe different species of birds that you could have never imagined, among which you’ll find endangered species such as the Hispaniolan solenodon. Finally, the mere size of the park itself appeals to those who like to enjoy their views while walking, as it’s highly attractive among those who love to hike. 

Oviedo Lake, don’t forget to make a reservation and be on time

That’s right, in order to visit Oviedo Lake, you must book a visit in advance at the information centre of the Ministry of the Environment. Therefore, what’s most important is that you check with this agency to make sure you can book a visit.

As always, you should visit these types of places in the early hours of the day in order to make the most of your trip. This location stands out for its beautiful saltwater lake, in a wonderful area that will allow you to observe all the different birds that inhabit this place.

Beaches near Pedernales

Pedernales has one of the most beautiful beaches in the Dominican Republic. It is located in the so-called Águilas Bay. In addition to this beach, which cannot be missed, you also have other options such as Playa El Can, Playa Mongo, Playa Blanca and Playa Pedernales, in addition to the famous Cabo Rojo beach that we have already mentioned above. They say that the beaches in Pedernales have something special about them, so don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful sunset as you sit by the water. 

Los Cocos wind farm

This modern wind farm may not seem interesting to you at first, but many people enjoy stopping here to take some different types of photos of the Dominican Republic. We recommend visiting it especially at sunset, to capture the beautiful contrast of the orange sky against the blades of the windmills. This place is, without a doubt, a reflection of the country’s desire to become more modern as it searches for more sustainable sources of renewable energy, which will allow visitors to continue enjoying the natural beauty that makes it a paradise on earth.

Los Cocos wind farm

These are just some of the tourist attractions in the province of Pedernales, a region that will undoubtedly be the source of so many unforgettable memories during your trip to the Dominican Republic.


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