Carnival in La Vega, Dominican Republic

All About La Vega in the Dominican Republic


All About La Vega in the Dominican Republic

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La Vega is a city in the Dominican Republic, located in the province that bears the same name, and is one of the most frequently visited destinations in the country that you can discover on your next holidays in Punta Cana.

La Vega is located in the middle of the country and is a city that currently bases its economy on commerce as well as industry. Its origin dates back to 1494, when it was one of the first cities founded on the island of Hispaniola thanks to its gold mines. Due to its reserves of this precious metal, it became a very important area and one of the richest cities in the Dominican Republic.


One of the best ways of getting to the city is through its airport, called the Cibao International Airport, which you can fly to from cities like Santo Domingo or from other places outside the Dominican Republic.

You can also get here by taking a bus from places like Santo Domingo in a journey that takes approximately two hours, or there’s also the option of taking a taxi or renting a car, allowing you to reach the city in just an hour and a half. Any alternative is a perfectly acceptable option for getting to this interesting destination in the Dominican Republic.

The proximity to Santo Domingo makes it the perfect city to visit on a one or two-day trip, turning your holidays in Punta Cana into an even more incredible experience.

What tourist attractions exist in La Vega for visitors?

If there’s one thing that the city of La Vega has, it’s an abundance of charming places where you can relish in the excitement of exploring every piece of history that this spot in the Dominican Republic has to offer.


One of the most important festivals is Carnival. The history of thehistory the La Vega Carnival dates back to 1520. Every year, it gains even more prestige internationally, as the La Vega Carnival is without a doubt the most important in the Dominican Republic

There are many inhabitants who spend a whole year preparing for the festival that is celebrated in February and that is becoming increasingly important, reaching a total of more than half a million visitors each year. During the days of Carnival, the streets of La Vega are filled with colours with billboards and banners, and the locals prepare their costumes, made with beautiful fabrics and decorated ornately down to the very last detail, along with incredible masks.

At 5 pm, as the sun goes down, the Diablos Cojuelos (“devils”) start to appear from their hiding places to fill the streets in the centre of town and begin to spread their mischief as they use their Vejiga whip (an animal bladder filled with air) to hit people in the streets. But you shouldn’t worry, since it’s only part of the show and you can enjoy the spectacle from the behind the fences that are set up in the streets. Along with these little devils, other transcendental characters from the city’s history appear, as well as people disguised as important contemporary figures that the inhabitants recreate through the use of masks to include them in the Carnival festivities with these imitations. A unique festival that you’ll love and that is also a memorable and fun experience for those travelling with kids.

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If you have the opportunity to plan your holidays for February, this festival will make it worthwhile because you’ll get to spend a few incredible days while experiencing La Vega’s liveliest Carnival spirit that’s the ​best in the Dominican Republic.

If you’re planning your trip for this time of year, it’s important to keep in mind that the festival is organised on four Sundays of guaranteed fun in what has become the most joyous and special Carnival in the entire Caribbean, in which you’ll dance and laugh non-stop. Don’t forget to go to La Vega from Punta Cana or Santo Domingo and get your camera out!

Diablo Cojuelo, La Vega Carnival

But if you can’t come during the Carnival season, there’s no need to worry. La Vega is still a perfect destination during the rest of the year thanks to its rich heritage.


For example, the Immaculate Conception Cathedral is worth visiting, which finished being built in 1992. It is one of the most important sanctuaries in the Dominican Republic.

The temple is built on the previous one that collapsed as a result of an earthquake and features an imposing 15-foot tall figure of the Risen Christ, along with the Virgin of Christopher Columbus. But there are also other places of great interest, such as the Santo Cerro, dedicated to Our Lady of the Mercedes, which has become an important pilgrimage point, especially on September 24th, the date on which the Patroness of the Dominican Republic is honoured.


La Vega, in addition to having important historical heritage, also has a very rich and varied gastronomy that wins over the stomachs of foodies who find La Vega to be a great destination. There are lots of different vegetable dishes, since the area has a strong agricultural tradition, so we recommend that you don’t leave La Vega without trying them. Throughout the city there are many different restaurants serving delicious Dominican specialties.

Vegetables, gastronomy of La Vega


Those who want to enjoy a bit of nightlife will also find La Vega in the Dominican Republic to be a great destination for a getaway. In addition to Carnival, throughout the year you can enjoy all kinds of music and shows, from live music and dance venues to large nightclubs where you can have a great time dancing the night away from sunset to dawn.

In addition, there are lots of shops spread out all over the city, especially in the downtown area, allowing you to find the perfect souvenirs and gifts to remember your trip to La Vega with and to give to your loved ones upon your return.

The Carnival souvenirs deserve special mention, since it’s the most special festival in the city, and is the perfect way to take a bit of its colour and joy back home with you.

Enjoying tourism in La Vega is easy, since there are endless attractions for those who come from places like Santo Domingo or Punta Cana to discover this beautiful city in the Dominican Republic full of history.

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