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Discover Arena Gorda Beach


Discover Arena Gorda Beach

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The Arena Gorda beach marks the beginning of one of the most touristy regions in the entire Dominican Republic: Punta Cana. Although its name may make you think otherwise (“arena gorda” in English means “coarse sand”), Arena Gorda has the finest, whitest and firmest sand on the entire island. Its location next to Bávaro beach, one of the most famous places in the country, makes it a mandatory stop for those looking to enjoy the region’s turquoise waters and sports activities.  

Despite all the advantages of this beach, it’s not overrun with visitors, meaning you can relax on the sunbeds that you’ll find at your disposal, surrounded by the coconut palms that run along the coast. You’ll be able to disconnect in no time, while enjoying the endless horizon. 

Getting to Arena Gorda beach and parking your car is very easy. It’s located 15 minutes by car to the southeast of El Macao and ten minutes to the northeast of Friusa, and has a parking area just 200 metres from the coast.

Punta Cana is one of the most romantic destinations in the world for visiting as a couple. And on your trip, you’ll discover that the Dominican Republic has many other incredible attractions, in addition to the most famous beaches in the Caribbean. 

Activities in Arena Gorda

Some of the best activities to do in Punta Cana with your significant other can be enjoyed at Arena Gorda. Thanks to its geographical location, the waves and the strength of the wind is greater here than in other parts of the cape, making this beach one of the preferred among those who enjoy water sports such as surfing, kitesurfing or windsurfing. Being able to ride the waves of the Caribbean Sea will be one of the most memorable experiences you’ll take back with you from Punta Cana. 

If you prefer more relaxed but equally as exciting activities, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to cross the beach on the back of a horse. Horseback riding is very common in this part of the island, and it’s common to see animals walking along the shore. Horse riding is an activity that is deeply rooted in the Dominican lifestyle and culture, a heritage that comes directly from the Spanish settlers upon their arrival in America in the 15th century. And on this beach, thanks to the firmness of the sand, this activity is easy to enjoy.

Horseback riding at Arena Gorda beach

The seabed in Punta Cana holds even more secrets than what can be seen from the surface. One of them is the sunken ship called Astron. Converted into one of the most popular diving spots in Punta Cana, this is a Russian ship that became shipwrecked while transporting corn to the island of Cuba. It is currently split in half, and while the bow emerges over the waves, its stern has become the habitat for hundreds of animal species, including corals and barracudas. 

Arena Gorda beach is a popular starting point for those who want to explore fantastic underwater scenes and passageways. From the remains of this famous shipwreck, you can visit countless diving spots from where you can explore coral reefs, underwater canyons and the homes of nurse sharks. 

To finish off the day, there is nothing like trying the island’s typical cuisine. In Arena Gorda, you’ll find several restaurants whose menus are a perfect example of the Creole cuisine, resulting from the blend of Spanish, African and Taino gastronomy. Your holiday won’t be complete without trying some of the typical dishes from Punta Cana such as asopao, northern red snapper or majarete.

shipwreck in the Caribbean

What are you waiting for to enjoy a dreamy holiday on the Arena Gorda beach?

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