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Playa Cofresí, a Special Beach in Puerto Plata


Playa Cofresí, a Special Beach in Puerto Plata

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Playa Cofresí is one of the most characteristic beaches in the municipality of Puerto Plata, located on the north Atlantic coast of the Dominican Republic.

This beach is known by all Dominicans are the “pirate beach” thanks to the many stories that are told from the colonial era. This beach is actually named after the pirate Cofresí.

However, not only is it famous for these legends, but also for its golden sand, crystal clear water, its coasts lined with towering palm trees and its waves and wind that are stronger than on the country’s Caribbean coast. 

How to get to Playa Cofresí

The journey to Playa Cofresí is very straightforward, since it can be easily reached from Puerto Plata. It does, however, require you to travel by car. But the journey is short as it is only about 8 kilometres away and will take you approximately 20 minutes. From Punta Cana, the journey is longer and can take around 5 hours by car.

To get here from Puerto Plata, you will have to take Avenida José Eugenio Kounhardt towards Circunvalación Sur/Av. Manolo Tavarez Justo. Then you will have to continue straight on the Navarrete Puerto Plata motorway for about 8 km. Soon you will come across the exit for Ocean World on the right, and you’ll have arrived!

What to do at Playa Cofresí

Playa Cofresí has the perfect conditions for practicing water sports, including bodysurfing and boogie boarding, since its waves are the right size. It is also a great place to go diving or snorkelling. 

Playa Cofresí is also the ideal place for sunbathing and relaxing as you listen to the sound of the waves or you can go for a stroll along the beach and visit the typical Dominican souvenir stalls where you can buy everything from all kinds of accessories for taking to the beach to the tricolour Dominican flag. 

But if there is one thing that characterises Playa Cofresí it’s the wide variety of services and leisure activities, where entertainment, comfort and luxury are guaranteed.

Here you can find numerous restaurants where you can try authentic Dominican food. You can also find Thai, Mediterranean or Italian food, among many other cuisines.

Worth highlighting within the selection of impressive leisure activities is the Ocean World Adventure Park, one of the places no visitor should miss.

Ocean World Adventure Park: the largest aquatic park in the Dominican Republic

Ocean World is probably one of the main attractions in the Caribbean. It is synonymous with fun and entertainment and, in addition, it’s a great option for the entire family due to the wide range of different activities it offers. 

Did you know that this park has the world’s largest dolphinarium? Without a doubt, one of the best options to do at Ocean World is to go swimming with dolphins. This fun and educational activity lasts 30 minutes, in which you can exchange kisses and hugs with a dolphin. You can also interact and play with the sea lions, which are called the “clowns of the sea” for a reason. You’ll have the opportunity to feed, play with and touch these big, adorable animals. 

Another highly recommended activity is the VIP dolphin swim encounter. This activity lasts 60 minutes and begins with an educational introduction to learn about dolphin behaviour. You’ll learn about how the coaches uses cues and positive reinforcement to communicate with them.

You’ll get to enjoy an hour of fun, observing and interacting with 2 dolphins, where you’ll touch, play with and feed these fantastic animals that will jump over your body and push you on a boogie board!

But if you’re looking for a wild experience that will make your holidays in the Dominican Republic unforgettable, then you shouldn’t miss the shark encounter. These animals have been highly trained to safely interact with people.

And that’s not all. The nightlife at Ocean World is also worth highlighting. The Ocean World Terrace is the ideal place where locals and tourists who visit Puerto Plata get together to enjoy the incredible vibe on comfortable terraces.  

Ocean World also has a marina with a capacity for 122 yachts and all the necessary facilities to service them. In fact, it was selected as a finalist in the Superyachts Business Awards in the Best Marina in the Caribbean category.

About Puerto Plata 

Puerto Plata is located on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. It is home to a number of very attractive beaches, such as Playa Dorada, Playa Punta Rucia, Playa Luperón or Playa Sosúa. And although they are located in a dreamy environment, they are usually enjoyed by a more specific sector of tourists interested exclusively in water sports, such as surfing, kitesurfing or windsurfing. 

The beaches in Puerto Plata are generally rocky and usually require water shoes to avoid cutting yourself against the rocks or shells on the shore. The sea in Puerto Plata is also rougher and the waves are stronger than in Punta Cana. 

It is very important to take into account what the weather is like in Puerto Plata before travelling. It is a tropical climate, and the rainiest months are between September and December. Temperatures are mild throughout the year, but it is important to bring some warmer clothing for when night falls.

Once you have arrived at Puerto Plata, you’ll see that you’ve reached a very elegant city, with a lot of activity. The city centre, with its narrow streets, will guarantee you enjoy all the charm that this wonderful city has to offer.

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