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Advantages of All-Inclusive Trips to Punta Cana


Advantages of All-Inclusive Trips to Punta Cana

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All-inclusive trips have been gaining popularity in recent years. Many times, those who try staying at a hotel with an all-inclusive plan decide to do it again. And it’s no surprise, since the comfort offered by this type of accommodation can make your experience that much better, offering you the best rest and relaxation on your holidays. 

What is the difference between all-inclusive and other types of accommodation?

All-inclusive resorts aren’t your only option. There are many hotels that actually don’t offer this plan. There are other rates where you pay for just the hotel room with basic services, to which different services can be added with different types of rates. The options include the so-called bed and breakfast where, in addition to a hotel room, you are also given breakfast; half board, with breakfast and lunch or dinner; full board with breakfast, lunch and dinner; and finally, all-inclusive. This last option enhances your experience by including services in the rate beyond just food and accommodation, with high-quality services that provide unmatched enjoyment for those who decide to partake in them without having to pay any extra costs. 

Why choose an all-inclusive hotel in Punta Cana?

There are different holiday destinations, and the all-inclusive option may not make sense in all of them. But, if there is one place where it is worth choosing this option, it is undoubtedly in Punta Cana. 

Travelling to Punta Cana with all-inclusive accommodation will allow you to make the most of your unique holidays in paradise in which nothing will be missing. 

To start off with, you will be able to have the experience of leaving your room with nothing but your key in your pocket. From the moment you set foot in the common areas, you can enjoy the bars, restaurants, activities and snack areas. 

However, it is true that in some resorts there are different types of all-inclusive plans and some spaces are reserved only for certain groups, or adults-only spaces, but the experience will still be incredible. 

All-inclusive trip as a family

If you’re travelling as a family, choosing the all-inclusive option can make your holidays completely different. 

There are many times when you need your littles one to be entertained. Thanks to the all-inclusive option, they will be able to entertain themselves with activities and spaces designed exclusively for them, so that you can enjoy the relaxation you deserve.

All-inclusive trip with friends

When travelling with friends, the all-inclusive option often makes the most sense. Not only will you get to enjoy the most incredible meals, activities and spaces, but you’ll also have the convenience of going out for a drink without having to worry about who will pay for each round. Here you’ll be able to say, “this one’s on me”, without having to even pretend to get out your wallet. 

All-inclusive trip as a couple

Many couples choose an all-inclusive resort as the perfect option for their holidays. Imagine waking up in the morning and watching the sun rise with your partner in paradise, then going down for breakfast and enjoying a swim on the beach and sunbathing. At lunchtime, an incredible buffet will be waiting for you. Then you can have a drink at the bar, sign up for an activity… In short, you’ll spend your holiday enjoying yourselves, and Punta Cana is the best place on earth to do just that. 

At hotels like the Lopesan Costa Bávaro, the all-inclusive rate offers you an incredible experience that will make your holiday unforgettable, with access to health, wellness and sports spaces, 6 pool areas and an almost 3,000 square metre infinity pool, plus all the food and drinks you want.

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But, in the case of the Lopesan Costa Bávaro Resort, Spa & Casino, all-inclusive takes things even further with spaces like The Boulevard, where the leisure options will exceed all your expectations, with incredible plans every day.

Couple walking along The Boulevard de Lopesan Costa Bávaro

Getting to enjoy your holidays worry free? It is possible!

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